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Reinvent business using intelligent automation

Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Bot-first approach to confront upcoming digital challenges


Return on investment:

Obtained in less than 12 months

Cost savings:

30% savings on average

Operational improvements:

30%-40% improvement in accuracy, cycle time and productivity

Customer experience:

The majority of enterprises report higher CSATs as an indirect benefit

Automation-first digital transformation framework

Take an automation-first approach to making business decisions, creating competitive advantage and transforming your operations with human-machine collaboration. With intelligent automation, while humans design and make critical strategic decisions, machines and algorithms maintain and run them with ever-decreasing human intervention.

Atos provides comprehensive services in 3 steps:

  • Strategize: Create an automation roadmap
  • Build: Implement with Atos IP for a short turnaround
  • Manage: Monitor for continous improvements & new use cases

Automation Roadmap & Center of Excellence (CoE) Creation

Use our experience to guide your strategy and execution:

  • Clarify vision – identify expected business benefits and align to corporate strategy
  • Create a roadmap that enables the vision to be realized
  • Define roles and responsibilities of the COE team and provide training to enable their success
  • Embed best practices in automation delivery lifecycle
  • Enable you to drive automation independently

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Process Automation Consultancy

Proprietary methods and tools give you an edge:

  • AI-based analysis finds the most automation opportunities
  • Ideation workshops and crowdsourcing broaden your use cases
  • Process-mining tools capture and analyze feasibility to create multiformat documentation
  • To-be process documents include feasibility analysis
  • Assessment reports give process-level details (automation feasibility, estimates and ROI)

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BizOps Automation

Automate repetitive processes to enable users to focus on strategic tasks. With our fully managed platform, you can:

  • Identify and evaluate suitability for automation and quantify ROI
  • Develop intelligent bots with our flexible T-shirt pricing model
  • Rely on full services including monitoring, maintenance and optimization
  • Deploy in the cloud or on prem
  • Use SyntBots or commercial RPA tools

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ITOps Automation

Switch to always-on ITOps that detect and remediate failures, and use AI with deep-learning NLP for real-time resolutions. We provide:

  • Failure prediction and prevention to improve reliability with AI-based event filtering, correlation and anomaly detection
  • Intelligent Service Desk with chatbots and emailbots to enhance UX
  • Automation jumpstarts with AI-based ticket analytics and reusable libraries

Client Story

Leading automotive manufacturer

A major U.S. auto manufacturer’s RPA COE saved 31K hours of human effort, increased operational efficiency by $664,000 and avoided losses of $6 million per year. The carmaker worked with Atos to build an RPA COE to identify, assess, develop and deploy automation for its financial services division. Bots were developed for payment processing, vehicle and shipment tracking, etc.

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RPA COE and Governance services

Our RPA center of excellence will help you make the most effective and efficient use of robotic process automation for your organization.

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RPA in Manufacturing

RPA streamlines manufacturing back-office operations. See how it can help you obtain up to 40% cost savings.

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