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Elaboration of early stage AI strategy and use case prioritization

Realization of end-to-end projects in the whole spectrum of artificial intelligence including

• Text analytics (sentiment analysis, intent detection, named-entity recognition)
• Computer vision (image classification, object detection, semantic segmentation)
• Time series analysis
• ‘Classical’ data science projects (extracting gainful insights from heterogeneous and structured/unstructured data)

Providing secondment services with on/near/offshore resources

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Top-notch experts in all fields of DS/ML readily available on site and nearshore to maximize your ROI

Flexible deployment (in cloud/on-premises)

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Continuous maintenance and monitoring of deployed DS/ML models

Swift and tangible outcome delivered in an agile way

Continuous maintenance and monitoring of deployed DS/ML models

A selection of implemented use cases

Public / Smart city surveillance

Security surveillance system for cities based on computer vision which locates and tracks people movement in real time.

X-ray cargo scanning

AI-based system for custom security control and commodity recognition.

Text analytics

Filtering and indexing documents of specified content in employees` mailboxes.

Computer vision

Helping an insurance company in the process of automating claims to recognize defects.

Our experts

Below you find the contact information to our experts for Artificial Intelligence and Data. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can support you to optimize your business with AI and Data Analytics.

Parveen Jaswal

Parveen Jaswal

Head of Intelligent Automation, Analytics & AI Switzerland

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