Process Digital Twin for Pharma

Optimize operations and quality – bringing product to market faster

Digital technologies such as IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics are enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase the efficiency and profitability of their factories.

A digital twin is a virtual and connected model of a process, product or service.

By pairing virtual and physical representation of a process pharmaceutical manufacturers can analyse process performance to enable optimisation at low risk and cost.

Simulation of the chemical mixing process enables multiple variants to be tested, ensuring that the right mix is always used in live production, reducing waste, driving significant cost savings and helping bring new drugs to market faster.

Smart Pharma

Deployment of a process digital twin of a pharmaceutical process with orchestrated interaction between online sensors and hybrid models enables innovative development and enhanced control of the production process.

Reduce time to market

creating economies of scale and optimum use of resources

Lower costs through reduced waste

up to 20% savings

Ensure high quality of products

increase of up to 10% product-margin

Process Digital Twin

With 2-3 million deaths prevented every year by vaccination, it is more important than ever to accelerate time to market, reduce batch waste and increase quality and reliability in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
To address these challenges, Atos, GlaxoSmithKline and Siemens have come together to bring digital transformation to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Using in-line sensors at each step in the process, it is now possible to collect data to understand exactly what is happening in real-time. Combining this data with physical, chemical and biological models we’ve built a digital twin of the pharmaceutical process; a live in-silica replica of the physical process which enables optimization of operations and the simulation of changes, providing new insights for development and full control over the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

What our customers say

The quality of the product could only be measured once it had been produced. If it didn’t meet the set critical quality criteria the batch would be discarded. A new way of monitoring and measuring quality throughout the production process ensures that the specification is correctly implemented. Additionally data generated by the process provides insight, allowing in-line adjustments to be made to the process to ensure the end product meets quality standards and that the performance of the process continues to improve. Thanks to the ability to experiment in-silico with the process we are able to significantly reduce the amount of resources spent in experimentation.

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Press release

Atos and Siemens introduce Digital Twin solution within the global pharmaceutical industry

Currently being tested in the pharmaceutical industry, this innovative “Process Digital Twin” for pharma manufacturing – powered by IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics – is designed to provide improved efficiency and flexibility in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.


Joint teams are active in a number of collaboration areas and domains in all relevant industry sectors

The objective of this unique Global Alliance between a global industrial technology manufacturer and a global IT provider, is to maximize the combined strength of Siemens’ products and solutions with Atos’ foundation IT and business enabling IT solutions.


Insights from Atos experts in Healthcare IT TODAY

One of the coolest healthcare concepts I’ve heard about recently is called a digital twin. For those not familiar with the term, it’s basically a virtual model of a process, product, or service. By pairing the virtual and the physical worlds, you can more easily analyze data and monitor systems to stop problems before they even occur.

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