Power BI Monitoring

Currently, there is no straightforward way to do this. For instance, identifying which operations, amongst all reports and workspaces, are affecting the performance and impacting the user experience.

As organization look to increase their use of PowerBI to replace excel reports, the need to control and optimize the investment , to put in place a proper usage for monitoring, and to to provide tools to enforce the governance become a priority.

Our Solution


We created a monitoring solution hosted on the Azure Cloud to closely track how Power BI is used with key health and performance indicators.
Our monitoring solution provides:

Quantified indicators to support organisations in measuring the efficiency of the investment done in Premium Capacities / Pro Licenses and anticipating future needs.

Full view of the Power BI landscape, displaying the current usage and anticipating potential performance issues with immediate actions.

Reports useful for auditing and compliance purposes. Who is using BI, who has access to each workspace thus facilitating ISMS (Information Security Management System, ISO/IEC 27001), tracking reports accessible or shared outside the organization, (…)

Differentiators of our monitoring solution include:

Unlimited historical data. Detailed log data is kept in an Azure SQL database and, among many possibilities, used for trend analysis, like understanding the user adoption over longer periods. It is possible to connect to the data and build additional ad hoc reports.

Deep analysis using sophisticated models. Possibility to customize performance and utilization indicators based on customer needs.

Relevant hidden features brought to live. Turn on important but inaccessible features, such as ‘Premium Capacity throttling’.

Reports designed to focus on use cases. Provides reports with targeted information to quickly understand how to optimize the costs, improve performance or keep track of compliance.

The Benefits

Cost Optimization

Estimate savings of 20% in premium capacities and 10% on Pro licenses.


Monitoring effort reduced at least 50%.

Audit / Compliance

Enable full auditability to your Power BI infrastructure; define and track compliance KPIs.

Use case

The solution is aimed at organizations using Power BI Services, with at least one Premium capacity and expecting growth in the user adoption and their Power BI footprint.

As an example of cost savings, an organization with 5 units of the smallest premium capacity (P1) and around 50 Pro Licenses, can expect savings of around 25% in the first year.

Organizations with no premium capacities but with a high number of pro licenses will also benefit from the solution by controlling the growth of Pro licenses and having solid arguments to decide on the best cost-effective moment to buy premium capacities.

Our experts

Below you find the contact information to our experts on Power BI. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can support you to optimize your Power BI environment.

Miguel Ferreira

BI Expert

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