Atos Data Labelling Productivity Solution

The Challenge

Most companies underestimate the value of their data, a unique competitive advantage to create new growth opportunities and automate existing processes. To unlock their full potential, companies today must make insights from many types of unstructured data such as email, text messages, websites, social media, PDF’s accessible to the business. Turning this data into operational insights can have a significant impact on the business bottom line by improving the quality and accelerating AI projects.

Just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income for a typical Fortune 1000 company.

Richard Joyce, Senior Analyst at Forrester

In order to access those data, companies must add metadata through labeling to make unstructured data more organized, useful and accessible for search, RPA, and AI projects. The problem is that this process is costly, time consuming and prone to error. As a result, many AI use cases stay at the proof of concept stage and are not realized in production. Worse, most Data Science teams are ill-equipped to operationalize labeling in production as this is considered a separate step on each project.

Our Solution

To allow companies to use their data to its full potential, Atos has developed Atos Data Labelling, an end-to-end data labeling productivity solution for unstructured data (text, images, videos, etc.) that includes

Flexible Annotation Platform

Flexible labeling interface

Robust quality management

All data types

All installation types

Integration capabilities

Scalable Manual Labeling Solution

Internal/external SMEs

Scalable external workbench

Specialized methodology

Data safety & security

Efficient AI Labeling Automation

Domain-specific ML-model

ML/AI experts

Specialized pipelines

  • High performance, user-friendly Labeling Platform (SaaS, data on-premise, full on-premise)
  • Special labeling expertise (methodology, flexible outsourced resources)
  • Experts in customized DL/ML model trained on your data (text, pdf, image, video)

With Atos Data Labelling, you can streamline and automate the annotation process in production up to 80% without any compromises on quality. Labeling is no longer a step in an AI project, but a continuous process which support all AI /RPA/cognitive search use cases in the company.

The Benefits

In our experience, our customers get three types of benefits:

Faster go to market with your AI use cases through labelling industrialization

Smart automation, collaboration and quality control

Increased business productivity (of around 55% through customer ML model and continuous improvement in production)

Some of our use cases done with our partner – Kili Technology


We helped a healthcare company build a large, high-quality medical image dataset to train various cancer prediction models.


We helped an insurance company automate claim processing that generated over $500k in savings per year.


We helped a steel manufacturing company improve the efficiency of orders processing and reallocate 20% of workforce to other tasks.


We helped a certification company apply AI techniques to improve the visual inspection of ships and detect risks of structural damage.

How we work with you

First, we help you qualify your needs by understanding your business objective, your business process, and the outcome you are looking to achieve.
Second, based on a representative extract of your data, we perform a feasibility review to see if we can automate labeling with you and how.
Third, we share with you our recommendations and proposed approach from initial proof of value, to MVP, to Industrialization.

Additional resources

Our experts

Below you find the contact information to our experts for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and support you to optimize your business with Atos Data Labelling.

Parveen Jaswal

Parveen Jaswal

Head of Intelligent Automation, Analytics & AI Switzerland

Sangeetha Somashekara

Senior Analytics Consultant