Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

Driving operational excellence through AI services

Three types of AI solutions

According to Gartner, there are three types of AI solutions.

Automating & Optimization

concerns process optimization through NLP, computer vision techniques and RPA.

Humanlike Engagement

concerns chatbots, virtual assistant.

Generating Insights

regards forecasting, anomaly detection, finding and interpreting patterns

AI for your business, right now

Atos Switzerland is particularly focused on helping our customers increase the automation of their operations through various AI and Data Analytics services and solutions.

From companies in Manufacturing, Pharma, Insurance, to governments (Public administration, Police, Army) , from customer service to production lines, we work with a variety of clients to implement AI solutions to create immediate value through productivity increase, cost reduction, or to enable new uses cases.

At Atos, our AI and Data Analytics offering is embedded in our end to end digital transformation framework including user experience, business process management and change management. Our leadership in Cloud technology, Cybersecurity and High-performance computing, along with our partnerships with major AI companies, help us provide our clients with the resources, expertise and support they need.

Our AI & Analytics Services


AI Strategy & Roadmap

BI Strategy & Roadmap

Use-Case Prioritization & Scoping

Early stage prototypes

Architecture Advisory

Experts such as: AI, BI, IoT, RPA, Design Thinking, Digital transformation, Agile, MDM Governance



Cognitive Search

Data labeling Service

End to End BI Services

IoT / ML on edge

Data Science & ML

Data Ops / ML Ops

AI Validation

Lifecycle Management


Data Science Training


Handover & Change

How we put AI to work


Our team of AI and data experts brings you the interdisciplinary skills to discover your needs and requirements, design the right solution and define your AI path forward in an agile way. We:

develop data science and AI solutions (e.g. text analytics, computer vision, chatbot integration, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection)

deploy prediction models in the Cloud and on-premise environments

build or use standard data visualization tools (PowerBI)

deliver data solutions as user-friendly applications

As a result, Atos is flexible to changes in solution design, establishes optimal information sharing and delivers high quality solutions that delivers full customer satisfaction.

Our experts

What can AI do for you? Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and support you to help you optimize your business with AI and Data Analytics.

Parveen Jaswal

Parveen Jaswal

Head of Intelligent Automation, Analytics & AI Switzerland

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David Sele

IoT and Analytics Consultant

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