Atos Services for Siemens MindSphere

Reshape the future of manufacturing

In a smart factory increasingly driven by data, applications enable the transformation of all collected data into actionable insights to generate business value.

Atos delivers business optimization, cost reductions and new smart business services with a complete set of offerings for MindSphere, the open IoT operating system from Siemens.

As a strategic digital partner for Siemens, Atos offers strategy consulting and a MindSphere incubator approach to kick-start business-centric, agile MindSphere app development as well as a broad selection of ready-to-go applications.

Atos also provides all integration, infrastructure and security services necessary to build customer-specific applications on the MindSphere platform.

From data to actionable insights

With Atos Services for Siemens MindSphere, accelerate your time to value. As a leader in digital transformation, Atos will support you in all aspects of the ideation, development and integration of MindSphere applications that deliver value to your business.

End-to-end MindSphere partner

As one of the first MindSphere partners, Atos delivers strategy, development, and integration.

Use case evaluation workshop

With an efficient, highly structured and interactive workshop, Atos delivers the greatest business value.

Rapid Journey to Agile Apps

Rapid prototyping is at the heart of Atos MindSphere application development for solid business cases.

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Apps for MindSphere

Make use of an extensive portfolio of use-cases and a growing catalogue of our own MindSphere apps.

MindSphere Digital Journey

“We have industry specific use cases to help our clients to decide what to do with the data that is in Mindsphere”

Ingo Puzik, Global Head of Mindsphere Sales

Intelligent Supply Chain

Boost visibility and reliability with integrated, intelligent logistics 4.0 in a unique offering combining the strengths of Siemens AX4, Siemens MindSphere and Atos offerings.

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Smart Connected Vessels

Optimize maritime transport operations and vessel performance with the Internet of Things. Are you ready to use your valuable data to take your company to the next level?

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Services that Enhance our Global Strategic Alliance

Siemens and Atos have one of the most extensive working and strategic relationships ever between a global industrial technology manufacturer and a global IT provider.

“Atos and Siemens have been partners since 2011. With the MindSphere agreement we intensify our collaboration and will be able to support our customers in getting value out of the data that is generated by their industrial assets”

Ralf Michael Wagner, Siemens AG, Head of Plant Data Services

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Atos Services for Siemens MindSphere

Connecting data, machines, people and processes – an agile approach to reshape the future of manufacturing.

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The Internet of Things has grown to become one of the most crucial, yet challenging innovations for manufacturers.


Four ways the Industrial Internet of Things can enable digital transformation in manufacturing

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Ingo Puzik

Global Head of MindSphere Sales

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