Digital vision for cybersecurity

Understanding the new cybersecurity paradigm

The cybersecurity challenge: leaving the fortress

In the space of just a handful of years cybersecurity has become a key item on every boardroom agenda and sits as one of the top business risks. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who wasn’t acutely aware of the need for security. The conversation is certainly open but are we always identifying the correct challenges. Our Digital Vision for Cybersecurity examines the fast-evolving threat landscape and what steps businesses must take to ensure they’re protected.

Pierre Barnabé, Executive vice-president, Head of Big Data & Security, Atos

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A more automated cybersecurity approach is essential to address the sheer scale, complexity and volatility of risks in the digital age

As Robert S. Mueller, ex-Director of the FBI once said, we cannot undo the impact of technology – nor would we want to. We must use our connectivity to stop those who seek to do us harm. At Atos, we believe that data, combined with human intelligence and insight, is key to fighting today’s threats. We harness automation and machine learning to understand – and predict – the threat landscape. We’re also getting ready for the next digital shockwaves – not least the arrival of quantum computing. Yet with the attack surface expanding, cybersecurity is no longer just for the IT department. It’s an executive leadership issue involving every individual in an organization.

Pierre Barnabé, Executive Vice-President, Head of Big Data & Security, Atos

Key topics – Digital vision for cybersecurity

Atos Cybersecurity product offer

Searching for the lost trust

With threats and technologies advancing, 2018 was indeed the year where personal data protection moved at the top of the board’s agenda for most organizations.

Trust and compliance

Cybersecurity risk and compliance

Cybersecurity isn’t just about IT; it’s a business issue. How can organizations assess their exposure and mitigate the risk, especially with the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Atos Prescriptive SOC

From reactive to prescriptive security

The role of analytics, machine learning and supercomputing in the fight against cyber crime and how the power of technology combined with human insight will predict and prevent attacks.

Cybersecurity: the business challenge


Atos cybersecurity Digital Vision challenge

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Farah Rigal, Global Security Operations Center (SOC) transformation program director

Cybersecurity, the emerging challenge of the IoT
Charles Piron, Head of business development, IOT security

Prescriptive security: using the haystack to find the needle
Zeina Zakhour, Global CTO for cybersecurity, distinguished expert, member of the Scientific Community

The importance of threat intelligence as a positive tool
Kevin Cooke, Head of cybersecurity delivery, Big Data & Security

Proactive threat hunting: no longer a whim?
Lukasz Olszewski, Computer security incident response and threat intelligence lead, Europe & senior expert

Why managed Internet of Things security services is the next big thing
Marc Llanes, cybersecurity global business development, senior expert, member of the Scientific Community

Leveraging cloud: enhanced security in a multi-cloud environment
Vasco Gomes, Global CTO for cybersecurity products, senior expert, member of the Scientific Community

Collaboration for a cybersecure future
Simon Ulmer, Business development cybersecurity, strategic partnership with Siemens, member of the Scientific Community

Game changers for cybersecurity
Sandy Forrest, Client executive, cybersecurity

Encryption, a necessary brick in the foundations of GDPR
Noémie Vasche, Business developer – Cryptographic products, Trustway & cybersecurity

Blockchain: beyond payments
David Leporini, Director IoT security, member of the Scientific Community

Identity & access management: avoiding binary choices
Jordi Cuesta, Evidian I&AM product Director, cybersecurity

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