GDPR: The Journey to Compliance

GDPR, a business enabler of digital transformation

3 years later what is different in your data protection approach?

With business and personal data being a critical point of trust with our customers and at the core of our cybersecurity solutions, data protection is not just a matter of compliance.

Data protection is always driven by the dialogue of all business actors. Therefore, both internally and with respects to its customers’ offering, Atos has approached the General Data Protection Regulation with this same aim at placing data protection at the core of its processes.

Atos offers a complete program of support to help you to ensure continuing GDPR compliance.
Our GDPR services provide a complete approach to compliance, ensuring smooth adoption and minimizing the risk of any future breach.
Services are broad in scope and cover everything from the initial impact assessment through to guidance in the appointment of a Data Protection Officer.

Our GDPR services are complemented by an extensive portfolio of associated cybersecurity solutions and products, designed to maximize protection of all client data assets.

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Secure data journey with Atos

Discover how Atos help organizations being GDPR compliant and secure their data journey. With its innovative technologies, Atos is continuously protecting organizations with GDPR compliant services, ensuring no breaches and people’s personal data with no abuse of it.

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NEAT Evaluation: GDPR Services

Download here GDPR services NelsonHall report.

This is a custom report for Atos presenting the findings of the NelsonHall NEAT vendor evaluation for GDPR Services in the Overall market segment. It contains the NEAT graph of vendor performance, a summary vendor analysis of Atos in GDPR services, and the latest market analysis summary for GDPR services.

IDC Study

A practical approach

This IDC Executive Brief provides a short introduction to the main characteristics of GDPR, and proposes a number of technologies that companies should consider in their compliance activities.

Atos cyber solutions IDC

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