Collaboration for a cybersecure future

Posted on: May 6, 2019 by Simon Ulmer

Establishing and maintaining trust is vital in the new digital economy. If trust is lost, markets will close, and businesses will fail. This is the stark reality for the digital transformation of companies. No one can afford to pass up the enormous potential of digitalization but at the same time no one can afford to run a system that is vulnerable to attack and data leakage.

Being entrusted with the data of customers, objects and processes is a privilege. It will improve and transform business models. But to be worthy of this privilege requires a clear approach to control security and maintain trust. This becomes even harder as companies are interconnected via global supply chains and global data chains are permeating more and more sectors.

Cybersecurity is not only an individual problem but a global challenge. We need to include everyone on the journey to a secure digital economy.

Charter of Trust

Understanding the importance of trust, we founded the Charter of Trust with 9 other global companies from different sectors, soon joined by 6 more. We agreed as partners that we should not wait for others to solve the cybersecurity issue at hand. We have developed a principled approach to implement smart business-driven solutions.

As a company deeply engaged in digital transformation and its implications, we understand what it means to manage, secure and use data and what happens to our businesses and to customers and end-users when we get it wrong.

We'll debate around the future of security at the upcoming Atos Technology days next week.

Industry collaboration is vital

The frontier for cybersecurity has shifted. Hackers now not only exploit weaknesses in IT infrastructure but also those that have historically been less exposed, such as industrial control systems (ICS) or operational technology (OT). These cross-domain attacks are on the rise, as industrial companies move towards Industry 4.0 and the industrial IoT.

All processes covering the digital and physical realm must be protected – IT, OT and IoT.

This is where collaboration and partnership are key. An example of this is between ourselves and Siemens. We bring our experience in end to end digital transformation, IT-Security and data management, and Siemens, as global industrial technology leader, its knowledge of industrial processes, equipment and networks. Working together we are able to ensure that all networked systems are reliable and secure while bringing the benefits of digital transformation to our clients.

Digitalization adds tremendous value and will be a revolution on a par with electrification. However the challenge of cybersecurity could significantly deter the transformation. We have decided to work together for security and trust, to enable digital transformation and reap its benefits for humanity. We are proud to be a founding member of the Charter of Trust.

At Atos Technology Days, we will offer a personalized view of how next generation technologies can benefit your business. We’ll cover IoT, AI, analytics, automation, edge, cloud, supercomputing and, of course, cybersecurity. More about the event.

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