BEN Marine navigation instruments

Navigation equipment dedicated to maritime forces and merchant fleets

BEN Marine was established in 1962 to develop electromagnetic speed logs and flowmeters. As a registered Atos brand, BEN Marine provides today turnkey solutions, from the sensor to navigation information, and operates in over 40 countries with around 50 distributors.

BEN Marine products are compliant with IMO and military standards, and are Wheelmark certified.

Ensuring safe and efficient operation

BEN Marine offers a range of electronic navigation equipment for maritime forces and merchant fleets.

The purpose of an electromagnetic speed log, or EM log, is to calculate the speed and the distance travelled through the water.

A repeater is a single unit product which displays all the data needed to operate the ship correctly (navigation, weather, weapon,…) .

Installed through the hull and in direct contact with the water, the electromagnetic sensor, sometimes called transducer, measures the speed through water (STW) of the ship. The sensor is held in place by a hull-fitting.

Flowmeters allow for measurement of liquid flows. Depending on applications, BEN Marine flowmeters come in two versions, either electromagnetic or ultrasonic.

The Orion Ecometer constantly evaluates the ship navigation efficiency by measuring and displaying in real time the level of fuel consumption.

Magnetic compasses for surface ships and navy divers.


First successful integration of our LMN6 speed log for navies

Between June and October this year, one of the world top military shipbuilder had been integrating our latest EM speed log, the LMN6, onboard a frigate. Harbor tests and sea trials were successfully done by our customer in October onboard the frigate, which belongs to one of the most prestigious navies. The frigate is to return to active duty within end of November.

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