Retail Transformation

Where physical and digital engagement collide

Online customer behavior and social networking are driving a retail revolution.

There will be no survivors in retail – only winners and losers


Think about it. Retail and fashion brands that we grew up will disappear overnight while new online players can achieve global dominance in just a couple of years.

Every winning retailer needs a strategy which triangulates online, in-store and delivery to fit brand and objective. It’s about what suits you and your business: the weekly food order is different from the celebration handbag.

Atos is a business technology partner to some of the world’s best known retail brands, for example RS Components.

We’re transforming retail floor-space for digital engagement. We’re offering the advanced analytics and cloud-based models you need to imagine and implement winning new retail models – with particular emphasis on customer personalization.

More than in any other industry – retailers benefit from exuberant digital collaboration.

Atos Scientific community estimates that 84% of smartphone owners use their phones in store. How will you turn that to mutual advantage?

Shop of the Future


At the Pega Systems in Leiden, Atos presented the Shop of the Future concept based on Pega technology. At Atos we support our clients on their complete transformation journey on the fields of customer engagement and digital marketing. Pega solutions enable organizations to become truly digital companies and bring customer engagement to a whole new level. See in this video, what the power of Pega and Atos can accomplish!

Full scope digital transformation in customer experience

We are more than a Customer Experience orchestrator. We also lead innovation in payments, in customer analytics and the internet-of-things. Benefit from the widest perspective on customer experience.

Digital Customer Engagement

Social media; portals; e-commerce; mobile – bring it all together with next generation CRM.

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Sector Solutions

From retail to finance, from transport to manufacturing, Atos delivers customer experience innovation tuned to your business.

No organization can achieve digital transformation without hybrid cloud


Mobility, analytics, cognitive, and the internet-of-things. These are the technologies and practices which underpin digital transformation.

No organization can exploit these without making cloud the foundation. Atos Canopy delivers a rigorous and comprehensive suite of orchestrated hybrid cloud services. Atos Canopy ensures the agility, scalability and security required by any organization committed to digital transformation.

Read more on Hybrid Cloud

By 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-Internet” policy is today.


Atos Canopy Cloud: meeting challenges

How does Atos Canopy Cloud address the four key transformation challenges you face today? Explore the impact on agility, scalability, cost-optimization and security.

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Bridging the gap

Order online. Pick-up in store. Eat in company. We love digital.


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Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud

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