Learning and Development

Our approach to supporting and encouraging employee growth and skill development

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At Atos, people are our most precious assets. Their expertise and skills provide our clients with first-class services that enhance our brand, our competitiveness, customer satisfaction and profitability. Therefore, it’s crucial to offer our employees every opportunity to keep their competencies at the highest possible levels, equipping them to deliver excellent services to our clients.

We have a very strong focus on providing our people with the broadest possible range of technical certifications and opportunities for personal development and learning.

Atos Corporate University

Atos has created a vibrant employee knowledge hub called Atos Corporate University, which is open to all employees and designed to offer the broadest range of technical and personal development opportunities. Atos Corporate University was a 2021 winner of the “Best Corporate Universities Worldwide” award by the Global Council of Corporate Universities.

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Integrated and Continuous Learning in Atos

Atos has introduced a ground-breaking adaptive learning approach to its in-house e-Learning programs. It automatically and instantly creates an individualized route through a learning program according to individual responses and confidence levels.

We have partnered with world class organizations such as Skillsoft and Harvard to provide the most advanced learning content to all our employees – anytime and anywhere. We also have an in-house team of instructional designers and tutors capable of producing and delivering high-quality learning content, which is rated consistently high by our global learners.

The Atos MyLearning portal provides all our employees with direct access to global learning opportunities through a user-friendly, mobile-enabled electronic hub, integrated with other key human resources applications. The MyLearning portal provides employees with access to a vast catalog of training programs and offerings – and a single way of working across the globe.

Atos Corporate University – World Class Academies

Atos offers several global training academies for the key employee communities within the organization. The most popular are IT architecture, cybersecurity, human resources, project management, service delivery management, finance and sales.

The Atos Language Academy helps prepare employees to master English or another language should they wish to take a new role in another country. These comprehensive offerings are available at any time and allow employees to enhance performance in their current role or build new skills for future challenges — all while gaining internal or externally recognized certifications.

Our Learning Future

As technology advances rapidly and our clients demand more specialized skillsets, Atos has made a significant commitment to ensuring our employees keep pace and maintain their employability. To this end, much of our training budget and effort is directed at helping our staff acquire strategic digital competencies in technologies such as Google, cybersecurity, S4/HANA, automation, edge computing, IoT, digital workplace, cloud, AI and machine learning to name a few.

Our challenge now is to ensure that every employee is digitally trained and that we use the full extent of our educational resources to make Atos a fully digital workforce.