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A wide range of programs to enable career development and progression at Atos

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Our Internal First Program

At Atos, we believe in the power of our people. So much so, that in 2015 we launched the Internal First program, which focuses on filling as many of our open vacancies with existing Atos employees as possible. Each year, our target is to fill at least 80% of our vacancies with internal candidates.

We have created a vibrant internal marketplace for talent, which places our employees at the center. We make our opportunities visible to all employees, train managers to recruit according to competency rather than hard skills, and have proactive recruiters focused on filling their open positions with Atos employees.

We promote available positions on our internal social collaboration platforms, we run job cafés, host internal careers fairs, encourage employees to put their “Hands Up” if they are interested in changing positions, and much more.

What Does This Mean For You?

In simple terms – it gives you opportunities.

Want a new location?Great.
New job?Excellent.
New career?No problem!

By widely sharing our open positions and encouraging our employees and managers to be open minded, there are endless opportunities for you and your career to develop within Atos.

People and Talent

At Atos, everyone has opportunities to develop and progress, through formal training, e-Learning, on-the-job training, and the many different career opportunities available.

Atos employees have a passion for continuous learning, development and growth, and are able to create a rewarding and engaging journey through the company. Our employees bring fresh ideas, passion, potential and performance that accelerates progress and our company’s growth.

“…Atos inspires talents as they lead our customers on their journeys of digital transformation”

Through these training and development opportunities, you are encouraged to set career goals and pursue your interests. Many of you will also have the opportunity to join one of the technology or leadership talent development programs that operate in our different countries.

We are passionate about identifying and developing top talent. So passionate in fact, that we’ve developed a merit-based Talent Academy for top performing employees. This suite of global talent programs is designed to nurture your skills and passion to drive change, as well as to accelerate your growth within the company. Through face-to-face and virtual modules from highly acclaimed international partners, mentoring and special assignments, you have an enormous opportunity to learn and “go-grow,” to better understand our business and our clients.