Smart Factory

Innovative solutions for challenging times

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, manufacturers need to highly deploy adaptive business strategies and models. They must respond to issues of complexity and scale, meet changing customer demands and deliver more personalized, customized products and services.

Atos Smart Factory connects your many business threads and provides the insight, agility and control to dynamically evolve production processes to meet the demands of the market.

Key Benefits

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Greater production agility
  • Enhanced supply chain resilience
  • Superior quality
  • Improved user experience
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved sustainability

Gain competitive edge with smart factory

Smart Factory is a fully connected and flexible system characterized by autonomous decision-making processes. It also allows the simultaneous control of production processes in real or near real-time. Smart factories optimize efficiency and productivity by extending the capabilities of both manufacturing devices and people.

How we do it

The age of connected mobile devices is driving a huge evolution in the factory. Even the heaviest industrial machinery – hydraulic presses, smelters, machine tools, etc. — are now being equipped with internet-connected sensors that can keep their operators up-to-date on exactly what is happening and when. The problem is how to manage that overwhelming flow of data as it comes in.

With these technologies smart factories can visualize, monitor and control production in real time. It is possible to track and trace, record processes and product genealogy, anticipate unplanned events and take informed and documented decisions. The most important part is that they can help anticipate machine breakdowns and fix the issues before they occur to raise the safety of operations.

Smart factories deliver a full set of capabilities enabled by new digital technologies such as:

Industrial IOT

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Cloud and edge computing

Augmented and virtual reality

How to establish and operate a smart factory

Despite the high potential of smart factories, many companies still operate conventionally.
Companies that have invested in smart factory technologies are able to respond more rapidly
to changes in demand or supply, or to quality service problems.

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Smart Factory Solutions

Digital Continuity and Engineering

  • PLM 3Dexp
  • PLM Siemens
  • M4PLM
  • Green PLM

Manufacturing Operations

  • M4MES
  • Deviation and Golden Batch Intelligence
  • AeBR
  • Mixed Reality – supported operations & training
  • Workers movement tracking / Wearables

Smart Factory @Scale

  • ID @S
  • Green Factory
  • Plant Tower Control
  • Statistical Process Control
  • e-OEE
  • Smart Control Room
  • Digital Twin platform
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Smart Labels
  • Siemens Mendix
  • Asset and Shopfloor Visualization
  • Process Digital Twin

Smart Supply Chain

  • Intelligent Supply Chain
  • AX4 supply chain

Industrial Data @ Scale (ID@S)

Scaling Industry 4.0 more efficiently

Scaling Industry 4.0 is complicated, and there are significant barriers to overcome. By combining process data models with advanced, automated physical mapping, Atos can accelerate asset connectivity and deliver quick and easy access to data — with the right balance of standardization and customization.

ID@S from Atos and Renault provides a unique combination of specialized services, infrastructure, software, data models and cloud-based analytics to quickly digitize production operations across all your manufacturing sites and use cases.

Smart Factory Insights

Is the Smart Factory real?

Is the Smart Factory real?There is much talk of smart factories, but are they real? This week, Simon Culshaw, Atos and Mike Lackey, SAP talk with host Tom Raftery about how smart factories are enabling manufacturers to connect business strategy, people, processes and technology.

Why Investments in Industry 4.0 fail and how to solve it

The reasons why I4.0 investments fail or don’t deliver the expected benefits are not linked so much to technology, but to the business.

Enabling the factory of the future with 5G

At a recent Directors’ Forum hosted by The Manufacturer, Ericsson’s Björn Odenhammar and Duncan Hawkins were joined by representatives from leading manufacturing organisations to discuss how the manufacturing industry can enable the factory of the future with the help of 5G.

Why Atos For Smart Factory Solutions?

Atos is at the forefront of realistic solution delivery in this sector. Our remit is to help industries digitally transform their manufacturing activities to become more reliable, responsive, flexible, scalable and secure. This is while also meeting all requirements in terms of compliance, legislation, and sustainability.

The modern world brings its own challenges in terms of climate change and global warming, a globalized and unstable economy and the ongoing threat of highly sophisticated cyber-attacks. All of these issues have to be managed at the same time as keeping finance stakeholders happy. However, thanks to our vast experience, industry knowledge and specific expertise in manufacturing and smart factories in particular,

Our Smart Factory Team

Erwin Tanger

Manufacturing Operations

Stefan Zimmermann

Advanced Continuous Improvement & Excellence
Intelligent Supply Chain

Nathalie Dichtl

Digital Continuity
& Manufacturing Engineering

Patrice Henri Le Franc

Global Lead of Smart Factory

Steve Cockerill

Lead of ID@S

Nasime El Fartass

Digital Manufacturing Platforms

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