Product Lifecycle Management

Unleash your data to optimise performance and innovation while driving efficiency and sustainability along your supply chain.

On-time assured delivery of highly complex products, from warships to medical devices, requires the latest Product Lifecycle Management solutions. For leaders in defence, manufacturing and other industries, accelerated product innovation and time-to-market are key priorities – plus all the ongoing pressures to lower costs and optimise performance and safety from design to decommission.

Managing vast complex data across the extended supply chain is vital to achieve these objectives and enable seamless collaboration throughout the lifecycle. And with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) converging the physical and digital, PLM creates the backbone to use digital twins for predictive product design, on demand simulations, and even virtual training.

Atos will help you accelerate, optimise and future-proof your PLM journey.

20% – 40% increase in productivity

…just one of the benefits of PLM-on-demand from Atos

Why choose Atos for Application Development and Management?

Our customers choose us because we recognise that successful PLM is more than just choosing the right technology; it’s also about understanding the users and data to ensure it supports optimised business processes. We will work with you to assess the best solution and deliver change management to drive user adoption.

Independent, technology-agnostic approach

As a showcase for PLM and change management best practice, Atos is firmly software-agnostic while working in parallel with technology leaders including Aras, Dassault Systèmes, Oracle, PTC, Siemens and SAP. As a world-leading systems integrator, we’ll ensure your optimum PLM solution is seamless and future-proof.

AtosSphere Product Lifecycle Management On-Demand

Our pay-as-you-go model offers an easy-to-use pre-configured solution. It transforms fixed costs to variable costs, reducing capital expenditure while avoiding risks of deployment over-runs. Typical benefits include: cycle times down by 10-20%; productivity up by 20-40%; and waste/rework down by 30-40%.

Industry experience and global reach

Bringing over 20 years’ PLM experience and 450 experts, our Global Production Centres, in tandem with our PLM Technology Centre, deliver low-cost industrialised solutions founded on ITIL®-based best practice. This is complemented by deep sector expertise to ensure the PLM delivers the promised benefits.

Full service packages

We provide full-service packages from PLM Application Management to on-demand PLM solutions that make PLM more widely available at a lower price point.

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