Targeting Business Outcomes through Digital Twin

Atos Digital Twin platform can be deployed as a lift and shift productized solution

A Digital Twin is a digital virtual replica of a physical product both in terms of looks and behaviour with mutual interaction, providing closed-loop feedback. Atos’ Digital Twin approach makes it possible to effectively monitor, optimize and automate improvements. Typical business KPI’s include performance, product innovation, operability and availability. Physical assets and processes and their virtual digital twins improve by constantly learning from each other, positively influencing the top and bottom line of any business.

Increase Asset Availability

  • response time
  • improved mean time to repair (MTTR,) and mean time between failure (MTBF)
  • Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
  • Preventive Maintenance

Reduce Operations Cost

  • logistic cost reduction
  • inventory cost
  • semantic knowledge
  • optimized maintenance schedule
  • smart event & alert management
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Improve Asset Performance

  • maximizing asset life
  • real time simulation of asset behavior
  • improve yield management
  • enterprise knowledge bank

Increase Quality (thereby reducing waste)

  • raw material tracking
  • digital quality inspection
  • simulating design vs. real life model

Atos’ Digital Twin offering is a pre-configured, technology independent and industry-specific vertical platform that is accompanied by a proven Digital Twin consulting approach.

Award-winning digital platform for windfarms


“With an integrated digital twin platform, we see improvement in our operating cost and increase in asset availability. Digital Twin has further encouraged us to re-think our current business model, from time based to energy generation-based.”

S. Lakshmanan, CEO
Renom Energy Services LLP

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