Customer Experience in Banking: Next Generation Branch


From digital signage to self-service counters to full-service branches

When a customer opens your banking app they don’t have to queue to make a transaction. When they visit your website, they can browse all the information they need without someone having to help them. And when they call your customer service center, with a couple of pushes of a button they get through to the person they need to talk to. So why shouldn’t it be the same in your branches too?

In a highly competitive, digital-first environment, connecting all of these channels and bringing out their best features in-branch can help you meet new customer expectations.

Atos Next Generation Branch will help you do that. As an ‘Agile Branch Concept’, you can improve front-end customer services while making efficiency improvements in the back office.

Next generation branch gives you a platform to design individual branches so they are fit for purpose. Like creating a pop-up branch within a retail store. It provides the ongoing support to completely redesign your branch network to meet ever-changing customer needs. It also offers a way to reduce manual effort by digitalizing your processes. That way they can be rolled out quickly and effectively wherever you choose to open your next generation branch.

750,000 estimated number of bank branches still operating worldwide

Branch Advice for Banks

Follow Liza as she takes the first steps of engagement with her new bank – from the eye-catching digital signage to the context-based offerings that meet her immediate requirements. Then watch how the Next Generation Branch can offer high-value customers like Toni the expert advice he needs to manage his finances.

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