The Banking branch in the future


Atos opinion paper on resolving the conflict over the role of the physical bank branch in an increasingly digital world

It seems like a debate that has been raging for years. Does the bank branch have a future? If it does, what does that future look like? Especially in an increasingly digital world in which app-like convenience dominates our sense of customer satisfaction.

On the one hand, when the boundaries between our physical and digital lives become blurred, the human element can easily disappear. The branch retains some sort of boundary, while providing face-to-face contact and the opportunity to establish brand loyalty. On the other hand, there is a clear need for branches to adapt to the changing expectations of consumers. The branch of today is still far behind the times.

In this paper, Atos experts look to 5 emerging trends and the value of a new approach to the bank branch, by striking the right balance.

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