Customer Experience in Banking: Digital Customer Advisory


Offering advice in the right place, at the right time

Your customers initiate hundreds of financial transactions every year. They used to go to their branch and bank manager for advice. But in today’s digital economy they can find advice from many different sources. So how do you become the digital customer advisor of choice?

With Atos Digital Customer Advisory, you can be there for those moments of truth in your customers’ lives when they require specific financial advice. That could be one customer’s purchase of a new car prompting options for car insurance. Or another who is expecting their first child being supported with a savings plan for maternity leave.

Digital Customer Advisory provides your bank with this system of engagement that allows you to interact with customers and guide them in their day-to-day lives. For your bank, it means reduced costs in other channels, improvements in cross-selling and increased customer loyalty. For your customers, it means a clearer picture of their current and future finances and an easy way to get the advice they need. In essence, it transforms the relationship by keeping your brand relevant to each customer and ensuring every interaction is effective.

4x more products opened by users of Digital Customer Advisory

Cross Selling in Banking

Watch how a simple online transaction can be the start of a profitable relationship between your bank and a new customer. See how Renée’s search for a new car is the prompt for targeted financial advice. And discover how omni-channel integration turns this first touchpoint into ongoing value.

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