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“With an integrated digital twin platform, we see improvement in our operating cost and increase in asset availability. Digital Twin has further encouraged us to re-think our current Time-based business model and shift towards Energy generation based Model,”

Lakshmanan Subas Chandrabose,
CEO – Renom Energy Services.

Atos has created a tailored solution including Digital Twin and AMPS7, enabling Renom Energy Services to create more value out of data at a reduced cost.

Renom Energy Services is a leader in renewable energy in India. Independent Service Provider (ISP) in the global renewable energy market space, Renom Energy services’ mission is to improve asset efficiency with effective maintenance for sustainable growth. Renom develops and manages wind farms and wind turbines.

The challenge


Renom faced two challenges. First, the central monitoring and control: in order to expand the operations & maintenance services offered, it was critical to scale up services. Secondly: increasing availability and reducing cost. Continuously growing, Renom needed to take its overall performance to the next level by enabling data-based decisions. It was critical to enforce predictive maintenance by bringing in consistent performance in maintenance across sites, connecting events and changes in assets, and predicting yield.

The solution


Atos created a solution based on the Digital Twin feature with an Asset Management and Planning System (AMPS7) built by Atos Australia. A SCADA system now allows real-time collection of data which is hosted in a cloud solution. In order to increase availability and reduce cost, AMPS7 has been implemented on the maintenance application, which now enables integration of events data from SCADA with asset maintenance. In the meantime, Digital Twin is connecting all the systems with a master dashboard. Finally, this solution allows Renom Energy Services to implement AI and machine-learning based on data analytics.

Business benefit


The benefits of the Digital Twin and AMPS7 solution are vast for Renom Services Energy. Data-driven decisions have never been easier to make: the solution provides a complete view of the assets, a life-critical component and a performance prediction capability. Presently, Renom Energy Service has access to a large variety of useful insights such as trend analysis based on events, component sourcing and quality as well a view of performance on a single dashboard. With historical data, data visualization and real-time data analytics, predictive maintenance and measurement can now become a reality. The remote monitoring enables stakeholders to make data-based decisions in real-time. Thanks to the remote controlling and monitoring of turbines, the engineers don’t have to run on the field: if a turbine has stopped, it will appear in real-time on the dashboard, and support staff will know which piece has failed. The key figures speak for themselves: the response time has improved by 20%, the gap in data acquisition for fault analysis declined from 61% to 4% and Renom has been able to reduce their operational expenses on fuel by 12% thanks to the remote controlling.

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