Digital Vision: Energy & Utilities

Our Vision

Given the pressures on the energy and utilities sector, it’s clear that a digital edge is a precondition of a successful, sustainable business. With deregulated markets and the rise of renewables, companies need to harness digital technologies to reinvent the way they operate and become truly data-driven.

Forward-thinking organizations are forging new relationships and creating innovative value chains and solutions that add value in people’s businesses and homes.

This paper explores key challenges for utilities in our fast-changing world and the opportunities to safeguard the digitally enabled future, for this industry and for the customers it serves.

Key topics for energy and utility companies

Optimized and reliable infrastructures

Safe, efficient, cost-effective plant operation and maintenance are critical for every utility company.

How do digital enablers create opportunities to optimize utility operations and equip the workforces of the future?

Intelligent real-time grid management

Decentralized generation and renewables have changed grid management forever.

How can utility companies integrate connected technologies for winning grid management strategies and a mixed energy economy?

Truly data-driven customer services

Few individuals or organizations exist ‘off-grid’.

So how do forward-looking companies harness digital channels and data to create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with their customers?

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