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From commodities to high-value service providers

The rise of a decentralized energy world

For decades, utilities’ core business has centered on complex, yet straightforward, operations: provide water, electricity or gas, in a simple, mono-directional way. This is changing at an accelerated pace.

It’s not just that deregulation and privatizations have disrupted the landscape, leading to unbundled and fast-moving ecosystems of producers, distributors and retailers; new technologies and sustainable energy requirements have multiplied energy sources, production capabilities and storage possibilities. The need for flexibility has also grown, notably with the rise of renewables, smart grid and electric cars.

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“With their experience in IoT, utilities have immense assets for leveraging the potential of digital. To succeed, they need to put next-generation, real-time analytics platforms at the heart of their business and technology strategies.


Caroline Barret
Head of Energy & Utilities Marketing and Portfolio, Atos

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