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Retail Transformation Lab

Changes are occurring rapidly all across the world, and retail is no exception. Whilst the first and second industrial revolutions took about 100 years, the third (automation of IT systems) lasted for 50. Currently we are in the 4th revolution which presents many new possibilities for growth. However, at the same time this new phase brings many questions and challenges. Subsequently the retail sector is continually changing and technological developments are constantly emerging. Digitalisation and the arrival of new players on the retail market have heightened the need to transform.

Retailers have to engage with shopping trends if they want to prolong their success in the sector. The combination of new techniques and utilising the digital solutions to the customer journey can help retailers to profit from digitalisation.

The Retail Transformation Lab is a unique pop-up retail experience, aimed at retailers but presented from the perspective of the consumer. In the lab we visualise the great opportunities that the store-concept offers retailers. In the Retail Transformation Lab the customer journey of a shopper is set out to aid the retailer to understand the consumer’s journey. Personal interaction with clients and smart, digital solutions are central to the experience. One can think of solutions such as connected kitchen, augmented reality, zero effort payment and hybrid shopping in addition to cooperation between multinationals and local retailers.

We would like to invite you for a visit to our lab in order to present these solutions. Our expert Danny Groenenboom would be glad to tell you more, he is available via or +31 6 12 49 83 78.


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Head of Retail Benelux & The Nordics

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