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Change is everywhere, but people transformation won’t happen overnight


As the speed of change increases – so do the demands on today’s workforce. Employees are expected to deliver more work under compressed time frames, learn new technologies and master new skills to adapt to new ways of working and organizational structures.

To gain competitive advantage, companies need to rethink the way they are organized and empower employees beyond generational stereotypes. Rather than focusing barely on culture and “one-size-fits-all” solutions, today leading companies should aim to understand the individual needs and improve the Employee Experience holistically, to enable a thriving and engaged workforce.

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Employee Experience central to Business Success



Employee Experience (EX) encompasses all the perceptions, emotions and interactions throughout employee’s connection to the organization.

Atos Employee Experience Change Management

Our EX Framework and Change Program provides a powerful way for you to assess, rethink and design an EX that empowers your workforce throughout their employee lifecycle.

Our Employee Experience Solution

For data-driven workforce insights

Atos Employee Experience solution is built to collect, connect and analyze employee data safely to empower the workforce change.

The solution is powered by CHO, each employee’s personal Chief Happiness Officer. CHO is a human-centric, easy-to-use mobile application, designed to foster the Voice of Employee (VoE) and deliver personalized experiences. With CHO managers can discover the real needs of the employees and receive actionable workforce insights to engage the whole organization and drive change successfully.

Experience CHO in real action and discover the EX value for your company!

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Managing Change in the Future of Work

CIO Views

In collaboration with CIO WaterCooler we recently conducted a study about how CIOs and IT leaders are approaching challenges to the Future of Work. The results indicate that managing cultural change will be a significant feature of planning for future working environments.

The report ‘Transitioning to the Future of Work: CIO Views’ reveals the key challenges that businesses will face over the next decade and three top trends on CIOs’ agendas.

Further reading

There is certainly a lot we can learn from the best practices of customer experience to improve how we deal with our workforce. In her blog, Hanna focuses on two crucial points, which companies will have to rethink to get ahead in the next phase of transformation – of which employees will sit at the heart.

The Future of Work: Top 3 Trends on CIOs agenda

The influx of new technologies has kept digital transformation top of mind for C-Level execs for years. The benefits are clear, but digital transformation is about more than simply adopting new technologies to stay ahead of the competition.


The 3rd of December is the International Day for Persons with Disabilities. To mark this occasion, I’d like to invite everyone to join us for #PurpleLightUp as we aim to support the UN’s initiative to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development.

Meet CHO, your personal Chief Happiness Officer!

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