Atos launches new Carers Policy for employees

In line with the Atos diversity and inclusion strategy and in partnership with Aeon, the Atos multigenerational network, Atos UK and Ireland has launched the company’s first Carers policy, offering guidance and support to employees with caring responsibilities.

The number of people caring for friends, family or other relatives has increased over recent times with three out of five people in the UK now acting as a carer at some point in their lives. The demands of being a carer can have an impact on one’s social, personal and professional life and the new policy, which features a supportive ‘Carers Passport’, provides guidance for colleagues and managers to ensure that action is taken to enable carers to balance their caring and employment responsibilities, and remove any barriers to inclusion or progression at work.

Ollie Bitowt, Co-Chair of the Atos Aeon network said “The demands of being a carer can have a significant impact on all aspects of life. Balancing caring responsibilities alongside many of the other duties we have at work and at home can be extremely challenging, and given the current climate, it’s now more crucial than ever that we provide support to our colleagues with caring responsibilities”.

Atos UK and Ireland has also launched a carers support group which offers further support and advice and gives our employees the opportunity to share their experiences of caring for loved ones.

Find out more about the Aeon network.

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