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We are helping healthcare and life science organizations to deliver an improved, personalized patient experience while realizing operational efficiencies and reduced costs – making the move from treatment in a clinical environment, to virtual care; precision medicine; remote monitoring, behavour change and population health management.


Optimizing Salesforce Implementations for Payors

Healthcare payers may invest in a comprehensive CRM package such as Salesforce that can take up a large amount of time and resources. What payers may not understand is this investment may not only help with their internal process, communications, and contact management needs; but also can improve patient experiences using technology such as cloud and API’s. Listen to experts from Eagle Creek, an Atos Company on how Salesforce implementations can help payers improve their patient experience and get the most out of the technology investment.

Kevin Burkhart, Co-founder and Executive Vice President at Eagle Creek
Jim Hand, Regional Vice President at Eagle Creek

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