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We are helping healthcare and life science organizations to deliver an improved, personalized patient experience while realizing operational efficiencies and reduced costs – making the move from treatment in a clinical environment, to virtual care; precision medicine; remote monitoring, behavour change and population health management.


Peeking Ahead to 2021, Healthcare Leaders Moving to Cloud Find More Value and Less Risk

The healthcare industry has been hesitant to adopt cloud solutions- asking tough questions about return on investment, security, and data governance. As we peek ahead to 2021, we are seeing significant momentum and interest in cloud. In 2019, the global Healthcare Cloud Computing market size was $21 billion. It is expected to reach $64 billion by the end of 2026. What has changed and how can leaders best manage this transformation?

Healthcare IT Today, 7th Jan 2021, by Dr. Heather Haugen, Chief Science Officer, Healthcare & Life Sciences

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The Twin of Healthcare and Life Sciences – 19th January 2021

Healthcare and Life Science organizations are turning to digital twin technology to help reduce time to markets, lower drug cost development, and ensure higher quality of products. By pairing the virtual and the physical worlds, you can more easily analyze data and monitor systems to stop problems before they even occur.

Listen to Niels Thomsen, VP & Global Head of the Insight (IoT & AI) Practice, and David Sele, Consultant and Business Developer – IoT at Atos, discuss how digital twin technology is not only helping with drug development but how large amount of data from IoT medical devices use the solution to make better decisions.

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