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Internships to start your career

Internships are an excellent opportunity to introduce you to what it would be like to work in Atos – each year we are proud to on-board hundreds of interns across our teams worldwide, offering them the opportunity to work with new people, learn new techniques, and “bring to life” what they have learnt at University.

Depending on the type of internship you are applying for, you will join us on either a 3, 6 or 12 month program, being assigned a buddy and mentor to help support your day-to-day experience, as well as giving you the advice needed to shape your career.

As well as our country internship programs, we also offer international opportunities to those students who have experience of multiple languages, and who have the capability and adaptability needed to work on international assignments. Our international assignees are supported throughout the program, from an intern e-handbook detailing the local cultures of their new country, to being able to attend forums with senior management to discuss local business initiatives and career path opportunities.

All our interns are offered real work experience, and are engaged in business environments and projects to ensure that both the interns and Atos get the best out of the assignment.


Search internship programmes

By the end of your internship…

… you will come away with both great personal and business experiences,
and potentially a conditional offer of a full time position when you graduate.

Angelique Ursulet


Angélique completed a Master’s degree in Intellectual capital and scientific, technical and economic information at University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée and also studied for an MBA in Marketing Management in the Luxury goods industry (part-time) from ISC Paris.

1374496272215I did my internship between January and July 2013 as a Legal IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Trainee for Atos International within the Group Legal Department. I’d heard about the internships at Atos via a website for jobs and internships on the Internet. Having said that, I had already heard about Atos several years previously, when the company was called Atos Origin as I liked its logo with the fish! Before beginning my internship, I had also noticed thatseveral persons who were members of my professional network (in particular on LinkedIn) also knew people working at Atos.

I decided to apply for an internship at Atos for several reasons. As I was wishing to become a legal expert in intellectual property, I was looking for an internship in the legal department of a company and particularly in intellectual property laws. The internship at Atos would allow me to develop my knowledge on the subject because it is focused on the protection of every type of intangible assets (software, know-how, patents, drawings and models, trademarks, domain names).

Other things I liked about Atos was the fact that the trainees are quickly involved in concrete tasks and that it allows them to realize really that there is a gap between theory and practice. Besides that, I liked the way the communication within the group was being strengthened thanks to an enterprise social network tool and the use of Lync.

I really appreciated the way that trainees are treated as an integral part of the company. One of the tasks I was given was to draft articles in connection with the intellectual property on the internal social network site of the company. I also built a database listing all the patents owning by diverse entities of the Atos group in the world. The next stage will be to import all this data into a tool for managing the patents portfolio.

My work also consisted of getting in touch with the “inventors” (persons who are involved in the creation of a patentable invention) of the Atos group that I had been able to identify. This was in order to send them a survey on patents and on the IP Factory project. Finally, I also worked on writing, and the analysis of, various clauses connected with intellectual property laws.

Overall, I am really satisfied by my internship at Atos. It has allowed me to follow all the legal procedures inherent in the protection of intangible assets and has been an enriching internship as far as the missions which were entrusted to me. I really have had the opportunity to participate in the management of a project under various conditions.

Davit Karapetyan


Davit already has a Master’s degree in Human Resources Engineering at Paris René Descartes University and joined our graduate program in the Human Resources Department as part of his current Master’s degree in Trilingual International Management at Paris-Est Créteil University

1374584882777I was looking for a Human Resources internship in an international company and chose Atos because of its international dimension, the fact that it is a highly dynamic, creative and innovative IT Company, and because it has a reputation for offering good challenges and projects to its interns and always having great mentors.

From the very first day, I really enjoyed my time in Atos. It all started from the very welcoming and informative interview with my mentor, the Head of Global Recruitment. The first working day he introduced me to all the projects I had to work on and helped me to understand the projects and the Company’s values. My internship began with a new and very interesting project – “International Internship”.

I first met with the different Heads of Recruitment, HR Directors and Talent Acquisition Managers to understand what was being done and what the on-going projects were and their requirements. Then I began to create a strategic guide about best practices for International Internship Management and its promotion on the Atos corporate website, LinkedIn and Facebook. This framework was distributed to all Atos Recruitment teams worldwide and I later became the International Internship project coordinator.

I also created a closed community on Atos’ internal social network. This helps all Atos Recruiters to cooperate easily and quickly by sharing CVs, identifying all the available internships across Atos worldwide and initiate further actions. This community helps to reduce multi-mailing process too, part of Atos’ “zero mail” campaign, because all the information is shared there. Finally, I had another nice opportunity to work on the Company Brand Awareness programme, Social Networks, and the School-Company Relationships and Recruitment process.

It’s been a very challenging experience as I’ve had to have meetings with many different countries whilst both giving and receiving advice for different steps of the projects. New and interesting tasks cropped up every day and the high degree of autonomy that I was given enabled me to gain more confidence and enjoy the responsibility of what I was doing. I was also very pleased that I could use my language skills in a professional environment while at the same time being encouraged to apply my creativity and Human Resources International Management skills.

Overall, I’ve had a great and constructive experience at Atos and can thoroughly recommend such an internship. I’ve enjoyed being part of a real team and have learnt a lot from having a great mentor who was able to help me succeed, to learn more about business, and importantly, to enjoy my experience.

Fabiano Cucchi


Fabiano joined Atos’ graduate programme in the Human Resources department from July 2012 until July 2013 as part of his Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and Organization at the University of Rome Luiss Guido Carli.

1374496234321I heard about the internships through my University Placement Office. I already had a good first impression of the company and so I saw it as a great opportunity to improve my professional skills and work in a good environment. The areas I was particularly interested in seeing were the collaborative working environment, remote working, and a good e-learning tool that could improve competencies.

The integration was easy and from my first day in Atos I was involved in all the activities related to my team and enjoyed a great relationship with all my colleagues. During my time with Atos, I was in charge of various activities related to the hiring process such as drawing up job descriptions, posting job opportunities, screening curriculum vitaes, interviews, university liaison, recruitment, management of relationships with employment agencies, and Employer Branding. I also supported the HR Business Partner on organizational tasks, people management, performance and talent management, as well as training and people development.

I’m really satisfied about my internship experience with Atos. All the activities that I did fitted my personal skills and interests and I had a great professional relationship with my tutor. I’d definitely like to continue my collaboration with Atos and would advise any other graduates to apply for a similar experience.

Giulio Gatto


Giulio did an internship with Atos as a Junior SAP Consultant between January and July 2013 as part of his Master’s degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Following my Master’s in Economics & Finance, I jumped at the opportunity to train in an international company where I could have work experience related to my academic discipline and career goals. I was also attracted by the exciting and challenging work environment offered by Atos and the chances provided for improving my professional skills and for putting myself ‘on the line’.1374496319703

From the beginning, all my work colleagues were very approachable and kind, and always willing to explain any queries and help me with any requests. I started by learning the main features and functionality of SAP ERP and then putting into practice what my Tutor was advising. Now, having understood the principal process and procedures regarding the different modules of SAP, my interest in ERP solutions has grown more and more.

What I liked most about what I did at Atos was that you never stopped learning and you also never knew what the next problem would be. I think that one of the best things about this job is that you would never get bored.

After completing my internship, I can definitely describe it as having been a great choice. Special thanks for this must go to my Mentor and the colleagues that have given me the opportunity to learn fast and straight, to work autonomously, and to develop my creativity and problem-solving abilities. I would definitely like to work for Atos and I would advise everybody considering an internship to go through the same experience!

Jérémy Haziza


Jérémy, a student doing his Master’s degree in Management and Organization at the Toulouse Business School, undertook an internship in 2013 as a Project Manager attached to senior management working on Atos’ Transformation Program.

I saw the internships via the Atos website and decided to apply because of the opportunity to work with the senior management of a big company in a strategic entity. I’m interested in new technologies and Atos was attractive to me because of the human capital element, the innovative spirit it was demonstrating (Zero email initiative, Smart Campus, sustainable development) and its strong competitive position in Europe. 1374492774409

On arrival, my internship advisers took the time to explain to me how the company functioned with its Service Lines, support functions, matrix organization, and collaborative work tools. My work on the Transformation Program was to co-manage, together with my internship advisers, all the Wellbeing@work projects.

I found my work was really diversified and covered areas such as brainstorming, team implementation, realization of support for top management presentations, KPI tracking, organizing events and creating and managing different collaboration communities.

Overall, I was really satisfied about my internship. I was able to mix and interact well with top management, the management committee, executive committee and lots of exterior participants and my tasks were very varied (a mix of internal strategy/management/organization consulting, project management, Human resources, communication and events).

I very much appreciated the enterprise culture at Atos (innovation, technology, reactivity, international, open-mindedness, etc) and would definitely like to pursue my professional ambitions within an organization such as Atos Consulting.

Ludovic Lavalette


Ludovic did an internship at Atos in 2013 within the Business & Platform solutions division in France as part of his Master’s degree in engineering at Grenoble INP Ensimag Engineering School.

I’d heard about doing an internship through an announcement on the Atos website. I knew that they were a well recognized company and also knew a bit about them from an employee. And of course, I also knew about their involvement with the Olympic Games.1374492650668

My integration in Atos was absolutely perfect. The ‘Welcome Day’ was great as I was able to meet other new employees and interns, and also to discover much more about Atos such as the amazing Business Technology & Innovation Center. I got a very good feeling with my mentor during the interview and right from the start I was given responsibilities and found that people were confident in my skills and abilities and were happy to work with me.

During my time I worked on the program management of an SI initiative based around putting the client central and first. My activities here included planning, reporting, support and sometimes consultancy. I then also worked on Atos’ Workplace Transformation initiative. This involved using their innovative social collaborative solution to work more efficiently through communities.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my internship. My role at Atos allowed me to discover many things and to be a part of different projects and initiatives. I was able to see in detail how program management works in such a big company. My mentor was absolutely amazing and helped me to do as many different things as I could. He trusted me and gave me responsibility. And all the people I worked with were very welcoming, respectful and friendly. In fact, this internship met my expectations perfectly.

For the future, I have decided to continue my studies next year, so I am not looking for an opportunity at Atos right now. But, if all, the mentors are like this, then I absolutely recommend Atos!