Additive IT Platform

The blockchain-enabled execution platform for additive manufacturing.

The use of additive manufacturing opens the door to new business models impossible until now. With appropriate tools it is possible to manufacture spare parts on-site or sell printing rights.

Additive IT Platform (AIP) is a blockchain-enabled platform for additive manufacturing to deploy and manage the additive manufacturing ecosystem and workflow allowing the adoption of these new opportunities with guaranteed security from a leading global IT provider.

The benefits to the customers are clear:

  • Protection of intellectual property (IP)
  • Management of manufacturing workflow
  • Adoption of new business models

Discover new business opportunities with additive manufacturing

AIP offers advanced solutions to exploit new business models with guaranteed security.

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Full traceability of 3D printed parts from end user to manufacturer.

Intellectual Property protection

Maximized IP protection and minimized liabilities using blockchain.

Enablement of new business opportunities

Repairs on-site, monetization of designs.


Easy adoption of additive manufacturing in your running business

Integrating AIP with the enterprise systems already installed in your business.

Digital Manufacturing Platform for customers

Atos created a 3D printing platform for secured additive manufacturing.

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