Industry 4.0 Exploration

Atos consultancy and exploration services put you on the fast-track for Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is central to digital transformation in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, energy, utilities and healthcare.

By exploiting this new connectivity between people, processes and things, organizations can radically improve efficiency and quality of service. It also becomes key to business innovation and to entirely new approaches to product and service development.

Our Industry 4.0 Exploration services put you on the fast-track. This expert introduction to Industry 4.0 is both inspirational and practical.

Our consultants use real-world cases to help you identify and prioritize opportunities.

We will involve your key partners too, making sure that the extended eco-system is ready for business.

Our service is practical and hands-on, and leads directly into proof-of-concept and implementation.

Industry 4.0 exploration

Why choose Atos as your Industry 4.0 guide?

We have a deep knowledge of the sectors we serve and an advanced understanding of Industry 4.0.

Add this to our practical, use-case approach to consultancy, and you have a partner ready to put you on the fast-track to the benefits of Industry 4.0.

Customer experience

Industry expertise

Knowing the processes and operations of the sectors we serve is the starting point for focused Industry 4.0 engagement.

Technology innovation

Bringing technology innovation such as additive manufacturing and augmented reality to Industry 4.0.

Independent recognition

Ranked as an Internet 4.0 leader in Germany for both automotive and discrete manufacturing.

Strong partnerships

Strong partnerships and Industry 4.0 development initiatives with The Fraunhofer Institute, Gemini 4.0, Horizon 2020 and others.

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Our experts

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Stefan Zimmermann

COE Head Industry 4.0
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Andreas Schreiber

Head of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
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Murli Srinivas

Head of PLM

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