Shared Service & Information Room

Overcoming the borders of communication

Military units from different countries use non-interoperable IT technologies for data processing which impedes collaboration. Military information is classified based on its security level. Sharing this information across security domains is not possible. The Shared Service & Information Room (SSIR) in the context of a joint mission base across security domains facilitates collaborative combat by automatically established, digital capabilities.

The SSIR can also be applied in a civil environment. It provides a federated service space with business functionality to associated partners by bridging security perimeters of different enterprises. This allows to retrieve product data directly from the OEM, reports service execution directly into ERP systems, and uses their collaboration services to communicate with experts.

Bridge non-interoperable IT technologies for data and information processing

Facilitation of collaborative combat through new, automatically established, digital capabilities

Federated Service Space

Enabling service orchestration and mediation across security domains.


Continuous delivery of unified proxy services

Supporting interoperability between new business applications.

New, automatically established digital capabilities

Sharing the same transparent information and services across different military units from headquarters over forward operating bases to mobile units.

Session Border Controller

Applicable also to civil environments

Supporting service sharing across security domains and business partners.

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