Augmented Interactive Reality

Creating new opportunities by digitizing field services and shop floor

Manufacturing companies, E&U and defence forces are striving to streamline their operations and expand business. Digitization of processes is a major lever to arrive at lower cost, but also to make knowledge more common. Augmented Interactive Reality is a new technology that will support companies to achieve these goals. It will ease the work of a service technician onsite by providing the necessary service data at a click or allowing an assembler on the shop floor to do the assembly work, while watching the work instructions and drawings in parallel on a pair of smart glasses. 3D models and digital twins displayed on smart glasses will allow to immediately check the quality of the work performed and to execute instant corrections reducing rework substantially.

Industry 4.0 exploration

Augmented Interactive Reality

Streamlining service and shop floor operations.

Increasing service and product quality

Providing immediate quality control by using digital twin/3D models.

Quicker data retrieval

Making relevant data available at a click.

Hands free operations

Executing service/assembly work while reading work instructions and drawings.

Reduction of operation and service effort

Reducing service preparation and assembly time through data transparency and availability.

Holographic Work Sphere Concept

The Atos Holographic Work Sphere represents the next generation of a smart glasses-based workplace for field forces and service engineers. It provides a 360° spherical Augmented Interactive Reality desktop in the field of view hosting holographic business applications in parallel which are well connected to cloud or edge-based IT Business services. With that new Augmented Reality Interfaces for cyber-physical systems are provided through deeply integrated business applications.

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