Remote Team Work

Decentralized and mobile field services

For manufacturing companies it is crucial to make their maintenance efforts more efficient and agile by removing some of the key challenges such as:

  • Lack of experienced specialists causing a bottleneck in service and maintenance delivery
  • Quickly obtain service relevant information distributed over various data bases
  • Difficulties in delivering services in remote and unstable locations worldwide.

Remote Team Work will take you to the next level of digital field services. In addition to being remotely guided by an expert, service technicians can communicate peer to peer onsite or between locations. It features newest technology like AR goggles and a holographic work sphere. This allows for hands free operations with 3D models and service instructions just a click away. Smooth integration into the manufacturer’s backend systems enables instant access to relevant data.

Assurance of high quality services throughout your organization

Remote Team Work enables manufacturers to maintain high levels of service skills and work throughout their organization

Leverage scarce service know how

Providing for high quality services everywhere with data transparency and real time availability of expertise.

Accelerated service processes

Reducing preparation time for service events thanks to ready to use data and expertise.

Socializing of service experience and knowledge

Making the expertise and knowledge of few individuals transparent and available to the entire service force.

Our experts

Stefan Zimmermann

Global B&PS CTO Industry 4.0

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Thomas Bierhoff

B&PS GER CNS Head of Technology

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