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Only 60% of management time is spent on productive activities. Could we do better?


Over the years, the legacy systems on which you rely have themselves become a barrier to achieving the simplicity and agility you need to succeed in the digital economy. SAP HANA offers a platform for effective real-time business, and Atos provides the business insight and technical skill you need to exploit its potential to the max.

With over 12,000 SAP experts in 72 countries , Atos is ready to ensure that your use on SAP HANA creates genuine and differentiating business advantage.

Year after year, SAP recognizes Atos as an exceptional partner

Managing and optimizing your current SAP investments, while planning and executing the shift to HANA demands a special kind of partner.

At Atos, we not only master SAP technologies from end to end. We have built unique accelerators to help you unleash the business potential of new SAP HANA technologies for differentiated advantage.

Scale and focus

We have 12,000 SAP experts worldwide and 2,000 HANA specialists.

Change management

Your business never stops. We make transition to new SAP HANA technologies seamless and effective

Industry insight

Whether in healthcare or manufacturing, our specialist industry experience and accelerators are the fast-track to success.

Power and reliability

Our SAP infrastructure, cloud and operations expertize ensure you establish the foundation for innovation and growth.

Get ready for the future and leverage your SAP heritage

SAP HANA is set to become the business platform of choice in the new digital economy. Atos supports you every step of the way, with solutions and services that span the continuing management and rationalization of existing SAP instances while maintaining focus of the critical shift to HANA.

SAP Consulting and Digital transformation

Ensuring SAP HANA fits your business, we will prepare a practical roadmap with clearly defined business benefits and technical definition.

SAP Digital Solutions

Let Atos guide you through continuous innovation with SAP, optimize current SAP landscape  with HANA and transform your business taking full benefit of S/4 HANA practices across core business functions.

SAP Cloud Platform

Accelerate your innovation journey by enhancing your SAP Digital Core with agility and taking full advantage of mobility, social, analytics and IOT.

What our clients say about us

Practical progress

“Our HANA transformation project is an essential enabler for the new Siemens vision, providing the environment in which we can innovate to the benefit of our business. Atos is our partner in this strategic transformation.”

Norbert Kleinjohann, CIO, Siemens 

View our Siemens press release

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Press Release

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