Edge computing for cities

Use cases

Touchless access control

Perimeter protection

Security & Safety

  • Avoid Old world entry solutions (Cards, fingerprints, keypads) to open turnstiles, doors and gates
  • Avoid means of entry that require people to touch surfaces
  • Identify people entering and leaving facilities
  • Identify breach of premises and designated areas – detect movement through/over fenced areas, walkways, and potentially vulnerable areas
  • Detect suspicious behavior – loitering, crawling, repeated visits to the same location and no-access areas
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  • Citizen services optimization
  • City analytics
  • Abnormal situation detection
  • Fall Detection
  • Find Missing Person
  • Abandoned Objects
  • Real time tracking

Traffic analytics

Intrusion detection

  • Traffic Analytics
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Traffic Flow Optimization
  • Smart Parking
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Crowd Management
  • Graffiti/Litter Detection
  • Fight Detection
  • Video Forensics / video tracking

Edge computing benefits

Ensure constant analysis

BullSequana Edge ensure an efficient continuous service, including in underground and buildings with low connectivity.

Use of data analysis results in real time and locally

Real-time decision unable to react immediately to insure every abnormal situation is identified and under control.

Maintain the sovereignty of all your data

Intrusion detection and data encryption systems protect your data from external threats however BullSequana Edge is placed (indoor or outdoor).

Reduce operational costs

Data storage and analysis cost in the cloud is significant for high volume and complex data especially for videos, as it produces complex and huge data volumes. Thanks to local and autonomous storage and analysis, BullSequana Edge allows lower costs. Data is sent to the cloud for mid/long term storage and monitoring

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