AI-enabled CCTV for smart cities

Solving business critical challenges to provide a safer & smarter city

CCTV monitoring now goes beyond general health and safety regulations around stadiums, roads and other key areas. It’s used to yield impactful returns and impact projects in more dynamic and creative ways than ever before.

Agile, flexible and adaptable solutions to urban planning issues are needed more than ever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. IoT applications are providing exciting avenues for innovation and will help operators make smart decisions moving forward.

How does AI-based CCTV work?



About Atos Computer Vision Platform

Atos Computer Vision Platform is a unique end-to-end computer vision platform providing pre-trained & customizable AI models build and trained by Ipsotek, powered by BullSequana server range and enriched by Atos computer vision experts through worldwide experts labs.

It enables to identify events and behaviours, to reduce error rates, to guarantee people and asset safety.

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Watch the testimonial of Mark Edmonds, Security Capabilities Manager at Syndey Trains. Ipsotek VISuite from Atos Computer Vision Platform delivers rail services across the metropolitan Sydney area to increase security capabilities at 13 stations.

Use cases

Monitoring Social Distancing Violations in an Open Area

Understanding Crowd Flow Density Across Multiple Areas

Detecting Traffic Violations Automatically

Boost your parking revenue & improve safety without increased staffing

Smoke & fire detection on roads

Perimeter protection

Factor Authentication for Secure Areas

Vehicle speed report & loitering detection

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Benefits of deploying AI-enabled CCTV at the edge

Ensure constant analysis

Atos Edge computing server range ensures an efficient continuous service, including in underground and buildings with low connectivity.

Use of data analysis results in real time and locally

Real-time decision unable to react immediately to insure every abnormal situation is identified and under control.

Maintain the sovereignty of all your data

As data is generated and processed at the edge, there are lower risks of cyberattacks on your data. You maintain your data ownership and sovereignty at every stage.

Reduce operational costs

Data storage and analysis cost in the cloud is significant for high volume and complex data especially for videos, as it produces complex and huge data volumes. Thanks to local and autonomous storage and analysis, Atos Edge computing servers allow lower costs. Data is sent to the cloud for mid/long term storage and monitoring

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