Atos supports Nvidia EGX ecosystem as an edge computing driver

Paris, May 14th, 2020

To reinforce its edge computing strategy, Atos has decided to integrate Nvidia’s EGX environment by certifying its BullSequana Edge server, equipped with Nvidia T4 GPUs. Nvidia’s EGX environment facilitates the integration of partners’ software solutions to build a portfolio of use cases. This enables the delivery of end-to-end solutions tailored to customer needs. EGX accelerates the implementation of high-performance edge computing solutions.

The integration of BullSequana Edge server into the EGX environment has enabled the rapid development of use cases by industry. This allows Atos to offer frameworks in various industries such as Clara for healthcare, Aerial for telcos, Jarvis for conversational AI, Isaac for robotics, and Metropolis for smart cities, retail, transportation and more. These frameworks can used together or individually and open new possibilities for a variety of edge use cases.

The significant growth in IoT data requires the development of local, secure and effective processing capacity. BullSequana Edge server and its integration into EGX creates the winning conditions to meet the growing needs of the AI market.

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