Data Governance Services

Flexible, adaptable and effective data governance framework

Are you prepared to unlock the business value of data?

Data is a shared and highly valuable asset for organizations. It has become critical to provide a strong data governance by having visibility and control over it in order to deliver its best business value. To achieve data quality and security, data governance helps organizations to implement the right processes and ownerships.

Organizations must adapt to change operating models from just “controlling” towards more managing the “data”. Data governance is not only about maximizing the value of data for operational effectiveness, decision making and regulatory requirements, but also about minimizing the risks associated with poor data management.


billion records were exposed due to data breaches in the first six months of 2019

(source: Forbes)

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Engage key stakeholders around a foundational question:
“where is my data?”


With the increased scale, complexity, proliferation of data and to cater the “data-driven” economy, organizations require a well-defined data governance program. The focus shifts from compliance/privacy rule-based model towards harmonizing and leveraging data to enable business agility and meet business goals.

Highly valuable to organizations from a strategic standpoint, executives are yet realizing they don’t know or have visibility over data —what kind of data exists, where it sits, who has access to it and how it is being used across business units, geographies, or third parties.

What Atos can do for you

Atos data governance services are intended to provide the organization with a data classification (based upon sensitivity) process and insight to where the data is being stored. As part of this service, data scans are conducted to provide metadata that identifies where corporate data originates, where it resides, how the access is restricted or confidential data is managed and how the existing security is provisioned. The services provides guidance for developing enterprise data governance and management programs to address gaps and safeguard enterprise assets, resources from evolving data security threats.


Discover, map and classify end-to-end flow to drive data accuracy, reliability and security

Flexible and innovative approach

Integrate with next-generation technologies and applications to efficiently govern and manage data for the new-age business

Training of the key stakeholders

Provide a well-defined data governance training to manage the increased scale, complexity and proliferation of data

How is data classified?

  • Where: Discover structured, unstructured and cloud data
  • Value: Analyze, classify, analytics, intelligence, quality measures
  • Access: Strengthen access control methods and safeguards
  • Auditability: Track enterprise data movement, end to end
  • Metrics: Reports, measure success, enforce rules

Are you ready?

Data governance services can help your organization to answer the following answers:

  • How can I get more visibility and control over my data?
  • What is being done to manage data quality?
  • What liability do I carry for the data in my system?
  • Are there any data leaks or contamination happening and where?
  • What could make data unavailable or unfit to use?

How Atos Data Governance services can benefit your organization

Complete approach for your data strategy

Atos comprehensive data governance services establishe a standardized framework for enterprise data governance and data management, data discovery methodology, data classification standards and methods, data-level access control rules and permissions, continuous data monitoring and reporting standards.

Agile and fully integrated services

Atos model is flexible, scalable, integrates with next-generation technologies and applications that are being built in response to exponentially expanding data. The objective is to efficiently govern and manage data for the new-age business to support business operations, process automation, digital transformation, adhere to regulatory compliance requirements and to increase revenue and reduce costs.

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Data Governance services

With the increased scale of complexity and proliferation of data and to cater the “data-driven” economy, organizations require a well-defined data governance program.

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