Cybersecurity services

Protect sensitive information and critical systems

Cybersecurity services

Atos cybersecurity services support companies and administrations in their efforts to protect sensitive information and systems essential to their activities. We provide services in the areas of audit, consulting, training, integration, managed security services and operation (service centers) of security solutions.

We combine proven know-how and specialized expertise in areas like security operation center (SOC), computer emergency response team (CERT), identity and access management (IAM), data loss prevention (DLP), public key infrastructure (PKI), radio frequencies and electronics.

Atos also has a laboratory for the Internet of Things (IoT) enabling the evaluation of connected solutions and the issuance of a label, and carries out monitoring and R&D activity resulting in numerous publications and contributions to national and international research.

Our engagements

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Guaranteed high-level cybersecurity expertise
adapted to the needs of your company, with a package offer for budget control.

Evaluate security
and compliance levels based on enforceable technical and regulatory benchmarks.


We are organized to federate and involve all stakeholders in risk management.

Create the conditions to achieve and maintain an optimum level of legacy protection as soon as possible.

Our areas of expertise

Cybersecurity must now adapt to new uses and the risks associated with the digital transformation of companies.

To meet this challenge, Atos has built recognized expertise with a capacity for innovation and experimentation to make an impact in three areas:


Information technology (IT) security

Allow companies and administrations to:

  • Converge businessimperatives and the need for security
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations
  • Successfully integrate security into digital transformation projects

Internet of Things (IoT) security

Allow IoT solution creators to:

  • Test and assess the security of their solutions
  • Benefit from advice to enhance the security of their products

Allow companies to:

  • Secure the integration of IoT solutions in their IT
  • Limit risks from the use of connected objects and continuously manage their security

Operational Technology (OT) security

Allow manufacturers to:

  • Map and classify their industrial information systems
  • Reduce the attack surface of critical infrastructures and place them under surveillance
  • Minimize risk exposure when interconnecting industrial networks with IT

Our cybersecurity service offerings

Atos cybersecurity services audit_blue-atosAudit

Identify and assess risks

  • Evaluate security, compliance and maturity levels
  • Recommend corrective and improvement actions
  • Prepare for certifications

Atos cybersecurity consultingConsulting

Enhance cybersecurity effectiveness

  • Define and implement security policies and governance
  • Integrate cybersecurity into projects and uses
  • Build resilience and prepare for cyber crises

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Atos cybersecurity integrationIntegration

Design secure architectures

Specify, model and integrate security solutions:

  • Identity and access governance
  • IT infrastructure security
  • Cloud security, CASB, endpoint security

Atos cybersecurity managed security servicesManaged Security Services

Monitor and supervise security equipment

  • Anticipate threats, monitor and alert (SIEM/SOC)
  • Remediate security incidents and investigate (CSIRT 24/7/365)
  • Operate in internal, external or hybrid mode
  • Provide support and specific intervention modes (contractual modes, secure locations)

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Why choose Atos cybersecurity services?


Leader in the security market

Our 6,000 cybersecurity experts around the world are by your side, supporting your security projects. Our expertise, reinforced by a network of strategic partners, allows you to meet the challenges of digital transformation.


Present in 71 countries

As the #1 in Europe and a global leader in cybersecurity, Atos brings country-specific know-how to provide you with local support.

Strong support

Develop a trusted relationship

From the identification of vulnerabilities to remediation and the implementation of security solutions, our response adapts to all stages of your security projects.

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