Atos’ DFIR Services

Be prepared to detect, investigate and respond to any cyberattacks

Urgent breach response

Will you be ready when the bad actors knock on your door?

Cyberattacks are growing — but you can prepare for them!

You can limit your exposure, collect the data you need to conduct accurate investigations and be ready to respond to verified attacks.
We give you a suite of fully managed data forensics and incident response services that detect, investigate, and resolve incidents.

“An Incident Response (IR) retainer and an IR strategy plan developed before it is needed can mitigate the severest cyber attack.”

Maciej Zarski, Global Head of CERT at Atos

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Investigate incidents,

Collect and analyze incident data to identify the root cause and spread of the attack

Respond to any incident,
any time

Investigate, contain, and remediate threats in near-real-time — 24x7x365

Fill gaps in your
security posture

Gain the tools, expertise, and hands-on security support you’re missing

Atos’ end-to-end DFIR Services

Reactive Services

Respond to incidents and take all necessary actions to resolve the incident in full. Our 16 global SOCs give you 24/7 support to stop any incident you suffer, any time you suffer it.

Our teams work directly with your internal security staff to guide remediation, return business operations ASAP, and manage post-incident reports and compliance.

Proactive Services

Build a more robust security posture and DFIR capability before you suffer a security incident. We can assess your existing DFIR maturity — and the strength of your security posture as a whole.

We will then identify gaps in your capabilities and what actions you must take to close them before they are exploited.

Hardening Services

Learn from any breach you experience and prevent similar attacks from happening again.

We can perform a post-mortem or other after-action review on any security incident and determine what happened, why it happened, and what corrective actions you must take to remediate any remaining vulnerabilities.

Atos’ DFIR: key features

Human expertise
Leverage hundreds of battle-tested front-line responders and consultants.

Systematic forensics
Follow strict processes when handling evidence to determine root causes.

Full range of services
Select from an end-to-end portfolio to prepare for & resolve any incident.

Flexible engagements
Augment a mature internal DFIR program or gain end-to-end services out-of-the-box.

Custom processes
Adapt our proven response processes to your specific security needs.

Vertical-specific knowledge
Deploy solutions designed for the unique needs of each industry and org structure.

Global and local coverage
Tap into 16 Global SOCs with “boots on the ground” support for most regions

DFIR on retainer
Set flexible terms that ensure you have the services you need when you need them.

Key outcomes


What you get:

  • Accelerate and optimize your ir readiness
    Expect security incidents to occur and prepare a fast and effective response.
  • Gain technical and non-technical support
    Combine incident response with crisis comms, incident notifications, and admin help.
  • Develop a cross-functional response
    Build processes in collaboration with legal, comms, HR, and other relevant functions.
  • Cover major and minor incidents
    Prepare to resolve any sized incident or breach before it causes harm.
  • Support your staff
    Give your internal teams and an external support system of seasoned security experts.
  • Reduce costs
    Improve your response without investing in new security tools, processes, or staff.

Why Atos?

A proven provider

We are the number 1 managed security provider globally and staff our 16 global SOCs with hundreds of experienced incident responders and forensics experts.

Integrated solutions

We offer a full range of security and IT solutions — from Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to digital transformation— that integrate with our DFIR services.

Fully Managed Services

We can provide complete hands-free digital forensics and incident response or work with your staff or partners to support and complement your existing processes.

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