Managed Detection and Response

High-speed threat detection, containment, and response

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an advanced managed security service that provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. This is unlike traditional MSSPs who only provide alerts from security monitoring.

Using advanced security analytics on endpoints, user behavior, application, and network; MDR provides deeper detection compared to traditional MSSPs, who mostly rely on rules and signature.

For faster response, MDR also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to investigate, auto contain threats, and orchestrate response.

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Why choose Atos MDR Services?

Cyber threats are rising in both volume and sophistication every day. Traditionally, Cyber defense has been at a disadvantage- attackers needed to succeed just once while defenders had to protect a large, ever-expanding attack surface 24×7. No amount of people can mine through all your security and IT data to detect modern threats, and respond quickly to contain attacks.

The Atos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is built on the power of AI, big data analytics, and Edge computing to bring you multi-vector threat detection and full-service response at remarkable speeds.

As a client, you get the power of 15 next-generation SOCs that are dedicated to preventing breaches on public, hybrid, and private clouds by proactively hunting, containing, and responding to threats.

Gartner Market Guide to Managed Detection and Response

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Understand the current state of the MDR market

According to Gartner, “MDR services add 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities to security operations capabilities via an outcome-oriented approach. Security and risk management leaders should use this research to determine if MDR services are a good fit for their goals, use cases and requirements.”

Multi-vector threat detection & hunting

When it comes to cybersecurity, if you are blind anywhere, you are blind everywhere. This is why AIsaac®, the Atos AI platform for cyber analytics and hybrid SecOps brings superior threat visibility:

  • Telemetry from your cloud, endpoints, network, users, logs, and your entire IT stack to uncover cyber threats

  • Automated methodical and continuous hunting of cyber threats to identify malware beaconing, data exfiltration, lateral movements and 100s of other indicators

  • Power of Edge computing and cloud for powerful analytics and scale.
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Auto containment & full-service response

When it comes to threat response, if you cannot act swiftly and evict the attacker, your detailed incident response plan is ineffective. This is why we:

  • Automate threat containment to stop the spread of attacks and reduce attacker dwell time

  • Investigate and validate contained threats manually, and create a detailed incident response plan to evict attackers

  • Investigate threats faster and respond to them before you experience damages using the AIsaac® SOAR module.

Get the benefits of a SOC tuned to your IT and Security needs

Our global experience, deep industry expertise, and SOC teams ensure we learn your changing security needs and understand your environment to make strategic decisions that will continuously elevate your security posture against the current landscape.

  • Big Data Analytics: increase the detection surface and decision velocity and decrease reaction time
  • AI & Machine Learning: reduce alert volume and prioritize alerts, increase investigation efficiency and locate malicious actors.

Top three managed security vendor

With Atos Managed Detection and Response, you get a proven managed security service provider rated top three by Gartner®.
And with 15 SOCs strategically placed across the globe,
you get 24/7/365 protection and over 5000+ experts on call.

Atos MDR service benefits

  • Threat detection across your IT stack
  • Superior speeds in detection and response with AI
  • Unlimited scale with Edge computing and cloud
  • Automated threat containment and rapid validation
  • High touch, full-service incident response
  • Certified CSIRT teams

Merging human and machine with innovation

Atos has over 6000+ technology patents, which is a testament to our culture of innovation. At Atos, we strive to create tech that can enhance and strengthen our practice. The Artificial Intelligence used in our SOCs is an extension of our SOC team and is built with over 20 years of frontline cyber combat experience.

The AIsaac® platform enables threat hunting at scale, automates investigation and containment of threats, and helps orchestrate an incident response.
Our skilled threat hunters, certified security analysts and CSIRT (Security Incident Response Teams) use the
AIsaac platform to uncover and neutralize attacks before it results in damages.

Artificial IntelligenceSOC expertResults
AI methodically and continuously hunts
for cyber threats
Hunters use proven methodologies to uncover complex, covert attack campaignsResult: No blind spots in threat detection
AI contains identified threats and raises
a ticket for human investigation
Analysts investigate suspicious events and validate contained threatsResult: Instant threat containment and rapid validation
AI platform helps orchestrate the Incident Response plan swiftlyIncident responders formulate a plan to evict attackersResult: Meticulous and swift incident response

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Case studies

Atos cybersecurity MDR use case Healthcare

Case study: Healthcare

Leading healthcare firm uncovers existing hidden cyber threats

A U.S.-based high-tech healthcare organization with thousands of employees spread throughout dozens of locations chose Atos to monitor their dispersed network for threats continuously.

Atos cybersecurity MDR use case E-commerce

Case study: E-Commerce

E-commerce giant dramatically reduces mean time to detect and respond to threats

A giant e-commerce organization suffered advanced targeted attacks throughout their global network and selected Atos AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response service to accelerate their threat investigation and remediation 24x7x365.

Atos cybersecurity MDR use case Packaging company

Case study: Packaging

Leading packaging company reduces MTTD from 168 hours to under 24 hours

A U.S.-based global packaging company that generates $8.5b in annual revenue chose Atos to monitor and protect their complex network from external threats.

Atos cybersecurity MDR use case Bank

Case study: Bank

Threat response time at a leading global bank moves from days to minutes

A global bank chose Atos to upgrade its capabilities to monitor and protect its network from increasing external threats.

Atos cybersecurity MDR use case Oil and gas

Case study: Oil and Gas

Leader in oil and gas reduces attacker dwell time from 60 days to minutes

Beset by next-generation attacks, and challenged by politically-motivated regional threats, a leading global oil and gas conglomerate selected Atos’s AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to protect its critical infrastructure.

Atos cybersecurity MDR use case Manufacturing

Case study: Manufacturing

Manufacturing giant refuses to pay ransom and evicts attackers in hours

A global manufacturing firm discovered they were the victims of a ransomware attack that quickly spread to hundreds of their systems. By calling Atos, they evicted their attacker and returned to business within five hours, without paying any ransom.

Atos cybersecurity MDR use case Manufacturing-US

Case study: Manufacturing

US-based manufacturing giant reduces attacker dwell time from 91 days to minutes

Faced with next-generation threats after upgrading their IT infrastructure, a Fortune 1000 manufacturing company, chose Atos to provide next-generation cyber defense – Managed Detection and Response.

Transform your digital defense with Atos MDR