Our CX intelligence Offerings

Creating powerful insights that elevate the user journey.

Customer Journey Analytics

Capture every search, click and buying signal from your digital touchpoints and leverage actionable insights

Customer and Employee Experience Management

We create a coherent single view of experiences and drive meaningful engagements, both within the company and with your prospects and customers

Customer Segmentation

Recognize and engage new or existing customers in the moment with real-time audience segmentation and personalization

Customer Data Management

Apply predictive analytics and AI to your data to understand and influence customer journeys

Client Story

Enabling an analytics-based customer journey transformation for NS&I

Atos delivered an end-to-end CX review of NS&I’s existing online customer journey. Our experts used behavior data to design and develop a range of alternative content (including behavioral nudging and pre-populated information). A/B testing was then used to evaluate and maximize the benefits delivered to NS&I.

The approach boosted the number of top-ups made via bank transfer by 14%, as well as increased the total value of those top-ups by 17%.

Client Story

Customer journey development for a leading commercial bank

Atos solutions helped digitize the banking business to drive growth in the customer base and digital channel usage. We redesigned the experience journey, developing a new customer portal and mobile application, and implemented cloud-native platforms to optimize customer experiences and banking business.

The approach increased the net promoter score (NPS) by 47% and resulted in a 3X increase in digital banking traffic.

Client Story

Fortune 100 Retailer

Atos supported a leading North American retailer to deliver a floorplan measurement app, driving substantial incremental revenues and productivity gains. Atos built a cross-platform web, iOS and Android solution that integrates with Salesforce. The app provides a quicker, more accurate measurement of retail floors. Drawings are automatically converted into a proprietary drawing file to generate quotes and cutting guides, increasing operational efficiency.

The solution improved field force productivity by 14% and led to $200 million in incremental sales.

Client Story

AI-powered self-service for a large European institution

The IT department for a large EU institution had difficulty meeting its targets because it was forced to handle a high volume of simple, repetitive questions that could be solved simply by checking an FAQ document. Atos rolled out a smart, AI-guided chatbot to serve the entire organization, handing the most frequent IT support requests sent by users.

By using a chatbot, the relevant knowledge base items can be delivered faster, 24/7/365 to personnel anywhere. The solution allows employees to find answers quicker and ensures that only the highest-priority requests are sent to the operations team — transforming the IT support department into a knowledge management department.

Our other CX offerings


Design and deliver customer experience transformation programs


End-to-end support for AR/VR/metaverse applications that reimagine your business processes


Service, product and journey designs that create new business opportunities and next-generation experiences


Next-generation architecture, front-end applications and portals that increase conversion and operational efficiency


User and brand-centric digital experience platform (DXP) solutions that drive real-time and personalized experiences

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