Immersive CX

Our Immersive CX Offerings

Helping you excel in the transition from 2D to 3D experiences and explore the potential of the metaverse

Immersive Sales and Marketing Experiences

Differentiate your brand and virtualize your customer experience by integrating AR/VR/3D for a truly memorable experience

Immersive Design and Production

Empower your operators with new capabilities. Overlay work instructions, visualize 3D IoT data or host walk-in design reviews to outperform the competition

Remote Assist and Field Service

Scale expertise by putting experts at your side anywhere you operate. Accurately assess field conditions with a 3D digital twin to increase profitability and effectiveness

Experiential Learning and Collaboration

Upskill your colleagues, increase employee satisfaction and retention with virtual training that enables users to carry out actions as if they were there in-person

Client Story

Boosting productivity for Takeda with augmented work instructions

Using the Atos CX Immersive Accelerator, Atos designed, developed and rolled out augmented reality (AR) machine changeover instructions that integrate with Takeda’s manufacturing IT systems.

The AR-based instructions guide operators through 20+ configuration points on the machine, proactively providing the machine values to be inserted. It delivers clear results, less errors and significantly reduces the risk and cost caused by miscalibration.

Client Story

Augmented interactive reality platform for Hoco Beton

Atos developed and deployed an augmented reality (AR) application for Hoco Beton, a manufacturer of prefabricated concrete building elements. It allows engineers and inspectors to visualize the production of steel tunnel and wall formwork in real time. Hoco Beton’s teams can now verify and check the objects in relation to the BIM model before and after the construction takes place.

Operators are able to work up to 70% faster, and the costs of failure have been significantly reduced.

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Client Story

GIS/GEO data visualization for the Dutch Government

Atos developed and deployed an augmented reality solution that enables workers to visualize cables and other ground assets in Groningen, Netherlands. Atos built a mobile application that uses GIS services and overlays data into an augmented reality environment to help the workforce localize cable, pipe and valve failures, leaks, or breaks.

The solution enables the quick, precise location of cables and tubes, minimizing repair costs and downtime when assets are damaged.

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