Emergency management

Real-time event information sharing from call-taking to intervention

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For Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and Emergency Response Organizations (ERO), ensuring timely reaction whilst maintaining responses relevance is critical to save lives.

With GEMMA, its emergency management system, Atos supports response organizations with emergency call response procedures. GEMMA helps improving cooperation between command and control centers and field personnel. It can cover emergency response from call taking and dispatching to first-responder action.


GEMMA can cover emergency management response with an end-to-end approach or seamlessly integrate your current technologies.


Based on open emergency management standards, GEMMA can share information with third party systems. It ensures enhanced multi-level and multi-agency cooperation.


GEMMA regularly evolves to meet your new needs thanks to its great flexibility.

Real-time information sharing throughout emergency response procedure

Emergency management implies the intervention of various types of actors in a short period of time. To efficiently cooperate, those actors need to share relevant event information. With GEMMA, emergency forces use one single platform for all information flows.

Call taking

GEMMA facilitates the action of Emergency Response Organizations (EROs) with one single interface that can handle all media inputs: total conversation (voice call, video call, SMS) eCall.

Qualification and prioritization

To help operators relevantly qualify and prioritize calls, GEMMA adjusts to the predefined procedures and criterion.

Computer-aided dispatch

With GEMMA, operators can give the most appropriate response based on the nature of the incident and the geographic location of available emergency units.

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)

Intervention and population alerting

Our solution helps command and control center communicate relevant information to the field personnel. GEMMA can also raise public warning when population alerting is needed.

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