Overview of Tricent

Document collaboration helps us work closely with others, accelerates creativity, keeps us informed and much more. Yet, there’s a big issue that’s often overlooked – namely, knowing who can access, edit, or even share your files with others.

The Tricent Compliance Tool (TCT) is a web application that can audit, clean-up, and notify users when it’s time to revoke the file access of external collaborators. The Tricent solution helps organizations with data compliance, the Google admins and Security officer with reporting and defining file sharing periods, and it involves the end-user in their file sharing activities. With Tricent Compliance Tool, your users will easily manage the files they have shared. Users often forget to unshare files after the collaboration is finished – Tricent solves this.

More information about Tricent

About Tricent Compliance Tool

Tricent is a fully-managed SaaS (Software as a Service). It’s a cloud-based, end-user centric compliance tool for Google Workspace. The tool requires API access via the Google Workspace Admin console. Within the Tricent admin interface the initial scan, user onboarding, and the generic configuration of the service is done.

Atos supports the resell of the license, integration activities, the general setup, the initial scan and the user communication to ensure a smooth user experience during the enablement of the tool.

Key features of Tricent

Set expiry dates

Don’t expose any file longer than needed.

Get email reminders

Users get notified when files need their attention.

Take action

Revoke permissions or extend file sharing period.

View analytics

Get insights to your file sharing habits.

Reasons why Atos recommends Tricent

At Atos we believe that the true power of Google Workspace lies in collaboration. Internal collaboration and external collaboration with partners and suppliers. Google Drive is the perfect place to collaborate on files. It is so much easier and safer than emailing files. While Google Workspace provides the features to configure sharing and to secure sharing via Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules on the domain level, Tricent adds features to involve the user in his personal sharing activities. By doing so the risk of human error in data leaks is further eliminated. That’s why Atos promotes Tricent.

See it in live action

Atos can provide you with a demo of the tool via our demo setup or we can do a demonstration of the tool within your environment. For this we would select a small (e.g. 25) group of persons and run the tool so that you can experience it first hand. Interested?

Interested in our Tricent services?