Application Cloud Enablement and DevOps

Accelerate application development and deployment

Business reinvention in the digital economy demands transformation from static IT to cloud for all applications.

Two-thirds of enterprises will run half their applications from the cloud in the next three years.


Stronger. Faster. Better. This is what businesses look for today. Stronger customer relationships with improved experience. Faster time-to-market with rapid deployment. And better performance and reliability.

Through cloud-based applications and business DevOps, Atos provides the platform and methodologies for rapid development and deployment in the cloud.

of business executives believe that digital technology will disrupt their business in the next 12 months.

Leadership in application transformation

Cloud is the foundation for digital business. The Atos cloud platform spans the application landscape from legacy to cloud-native, leveraging DevOps to drive business transformation.

Bridge two-speed IT

Speed and agility for legacy and cloud native applications delivering winning business outcomes.

Respecting independence

Develop cloud-based applications with us without becoming locked in. Your independence matters.

Full application lifecycle management

Set the cloud as the next platform for all your applications.

Business alignment

Adopt DevOps for speed, quality and business alignment.

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