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Four data challenges in modern retail

leverage online channels

Leverage online channels

AI technologies bridge the gap between online and offline shopping.

ai driven personalised experience

AI-driven personalised experience

Personalised services and treating customers individually is the new standard.

right place right time

The right place and the right time

What you don’t find, you don’t buy. Poor shelf management holds retailers back.

cutting edge technology

Utilise cutting-edge technologies

Take advantage of all data sources and the latest AI-driven technologies.

Cover the whole digital customer journey to grow your online sales

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AI-driven Products To Supercharge Your Retail/CPG Business

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Advisory-powered eCommerce

AI-powered shopping assistant Betterfy

With Betterfy, every visitor on your website receives recommendations of similar but potentially better products with a clear explanation of the advantages.

Fast product search

Help your customers find exactly what they are looking for and understand their search behaviour to provide them with the best results possible. Decrease leave rate and increase conversion rate.

Product matching and categorisation

What you don’t find, you won’t buy. Our solution, designed for companies with an extensive product portfolio, categorises your products correctly and improves SEO.

Personalised 360 experience (Retail & eCommerce)

Data monetisation with ODAP

Producers want to have a closer relationship with their customers, and retailers can help them. Together they can address more relevant customers using more personalised communication.

360° personalised journey-based campaigns

When you have thousands or even millions of customers, it is hard to keep a friendly relationship with all of them. Better user experience means higher engagement.

Customer insights

Use customer data to predict their actions on the website, recognise what products they prefer, and offer them on time. Leverage 400 ready-made and retail-specific customer features.​

Brick-and-mortar automation

Shelf Inspector for producers

Our mobile application can analyse positioning, pricing, and out-of-stock goods, relying only on the photo of the product and works with all types of packaging and product placement.

Outlet management

It can be difficult to sort priorities for new outlet acquisitions. We combine internal and external data and scan the market to help you make the right decision with confidence.

Demand forecasting

Understanding the long-term impacts of trade terms, pricing and discounts on sales are always the key for any business. We use advanced business intelligence for smart portfolio management.

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