AI-enabled video surveillance for security system integrators

Atos Computer Vision Platform is a unique end-to-end computer vision platform providing pre-trained & customizable AI models powered by BullSequana server range and enriched by Atos computer vision experts through worldwide experts labs.

It enables to identify events and behaviours, to reduce error rates, to guarantee people and asset safety, to deliver highest quality, to offer frictionless and personalized customer experiences. Business and organisations keep up the paste of events and demand, by analyzing videos in real time at the edge to drive the best decisions.

The AI models for video surveillance use cases are built by Ipsotek VISuite, a core element of the software stack. These models are pre-installed on Atos server range for a faster and at reduced cost deployment on customer’s site. Ipsotek, an Atos company since 2021, is a pioneer in the computer vision field for +20 years with more +200 customers.

Your challenges


Difficulty to emphasize the potential of the different AI-based video analytics solutions (cameras, start-ups, VMS vendors) to:

  • improve your operational processes
  • generate new revenues for your customers


  • Critical need to involve customers in cyber risk management to ensure security at the end points in security surveillance centers.

Solution interoperability

  • Interoperability with existing solutions (VMS, hypervisors, cameras)
  • Struggle to find a pre-configured end-to-end computer vision platform with hardware & software, with international deployment & services

Increased costs

  • High development costs: the inadequacies and inefficiencies related to the time and cost of developing a computer vision solution by traditional means
  • High configuration & installation costs: parameterization, SW installation on third party HW, specialized expertise required

Limited operational efficiency

  • Inadequacies and inefficiencies of human visual task performance related to monitoring, inspection, analysis, and judgment: 5% detection rate after 20mn focus by security operators
  • High technical operator cost

6 reasons why you should choose Atos Computer Vision Platform

All-in-one & ready to deploy

  • Wide software solution
  • Rackable high performance compute
  • Pre-mounted & configured Managed services
  • Real time analysis, Watchlist alert system, Control & Management
  • Compatible with major cameras, VMS, hypervisors, ACP providers on the market
  • Delivered in appliance mode for quick installation


  • Facilitates remote monitoring of diverse, integrated physical security systems (IoT, access control, intrusion detection, fire & smoke detection, facial recognition etc).
  • Focus on coordination of actions to react on time to an alert
  • User friendly: management across a multiplicity of sites, as well as other features to facilitate continuous operations

Performance & accuracy in AI solutions

  • Continuous, non-stop operations ensuring 24/7 availability
  • +23 years of experience in AI models (Ipsotek & DataSentics)
  • AI models > 99% accuracy
  • Flexible alarm configuration with a no-code GUI
  • Based on pre-trained or custom AI model development through our Computer VIsion Labs


  • Energy consumption-maintained
  • Minimize IT process impact

Security & Sovereignty

  • All data are processed locally
  • All AI models are NDAA & GDPR compliant
  • Edge to cloud secure connectivity

Cloud agnostic

  • Our offerings are cloud-agnostic and can run on GCP, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Use case examples

Why should you contact us to become a partner?

New Services/Revenues

  • Resell video analytics for new business revenue
  • +50 security use cases for final customer

Operational efficiency

  • Autonomous, Un-manned and Zero-Touch Remote Site Operations
  • Inventory and asset management (Digital Twin)
  • Energy Management
  • 5G-enabled


  • GDPR & NDAA compliant
  • Data processed at the edge

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