Emergency management

Respond proactively and effectively to crisis situations


Atos specialized emergency management solution designed to help Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and Emergency Response Organizations (ERO) deliver on their commitment to protect citizens and keep society safe.

Improved prioritization

GEMMA helps operators prioritize calls according to specific criteria and deliver the most appropriate response based on the nature of the incident and the geographic location. GEMMA helps staff cope not just with everyday accidents and emergencies but also major sporting or cultural events, disasters and routine non-urgent transportation tasks.

Technical interoperability

GEMMA coordinates the complex mix of resources and systems that make up emergency response networks and ensures they function as a single unified platform with standardized processes, optimized decision-making and unhindered information flows.

Actors interoperability

The sophisticated command, control and communications capabilities integrated in GEMMA allow operations and resources to be monitored in real-time and permit, for example, vital signs data taken at the scene of an accident to be transmitted to the waiting hospital before the patient has arrived.

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