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Insider threats from homeworking


The Covid-19 situation has caused massive disruption on how companies, managers and employees conduct their work. As remote working has become the norm for almost 60-70% of employees in the Nordics, there has been an emphasis on achieving greater connectivity between remote workers and their familiar resources, systems and colleagues.

Despite measures taken to return society to normalcy, remote working will still be quite prevalent in the coming months and years, as some of its benefits begins to show. With this increased connectivity and accessibility, the ability to control what data is being accessed and by whom is being diminished, as work is increasingly being conducted off-premise, at irregular hours and through multiple devices. In such an environment, the risk of an employee either intentionally or unintentionally sharing information or leaking data cannot be underestimated.

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60% of enterprises will be victims of major breaches by 2020. What if you could leverage trust for business advantage?


New digital landscapes are transforming business. But with these new landscapes, come new threats. Analysts estimates that 60% of enterprises will be victims of major breaches by 2020.

What if you could not only protect yourself, but make trust a major asset for your business? As the Trusted Partner for Digital Transformation, Atos is ready to help.

Cyber Security

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Protecting your business to face cyber security challenges. With the cyber threat landscape evolving at a rapid scale in a complexly growing environment, cyber security has become one of the top business risks.

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Atos is #1 Security Services provider in Europe and delivers end-to-end security services with extensive insights on security threats and countermeasures. Based on our deep insights and understanding of the market, our skilled consultants can assess the current maturity level and advise on next steps, help organizations to define and implement a security roadmap to reach the next level.



The Atos Cyber Security Maturity Assessment is based on industry standards and years of hands on experience and facilitated but our senior experts. Results show your current mature, target maturity and very importantly show the practical steps to get there. Our maturity assessment focuses on the following domains: Security Governance and Organization, Implementation of security controls, Cyber Resilience and Third Parties.



The Atos Cyber Security Maturity Assessment helps clients to make informed decisions about their cyber security investments based on their current and target cyber security maturity level. Organizations are facing complex threats at scale but security is often seen as business costs, not an enabler. However, CISOs need to find the right balance between business and security needs. Nowadays a lot of organizations are building up their security organization but do not know where to focus to get the best risk versus cost benefit.

Four focus domains

Governance and Operating Model Assessment

We help you and your organization understand the gaps that may exist in the cyber security governance model as well as the resourcing to support the governance

Session Border Controller

Control Maturity Assessment

We will assess detective, preventative and corrective control areas in the cyber security space

Cyber Monitoring, Threat Intelligence, Incident Management and Resilience Assessment

We will perform an assessment on these three topics

External Dependency Management

External connections management, due diligence processes, contracts management and third party ongoing monitoring

The #1 in Europe and a global leader in cyber security

With a global team of over 5,000 security specialists and a worldwide network of Security Operation Centers (SOCs), Atos offers an end-to-end security partnership. Our portfolio brings the power of Big Data Analytics and Automation to our customers for more efficient and agile security controls. Also, our portfolio is built on 6 large building blocks that are all linked to Analytics and Automation.

Atos cybersecurity Trusted Digital Identities

Trusted Digital Identities

Identities need to be protected to avoid breaches, we need to ensure integrity of the identities, to control the access, making sure people have access to the right applications at the right time using multi factor authentication.

Digital Workplace Security

With the working environment becoming digital we need to ensure security wherever people are located.

Atos cybersecurity Hybrid Cloud security

Hybrid Cloud Security

Moving to the cloud is not a question anymore, but the question is how? How to move securely to the cloud, how to keep control on data (including the sensitive ones) while benefitting from the flexibility of the cloud.

Data Protection & Governance

The journey to cloud, IoT & OT security, or digital workplace can only be started once we know the maturity level of the organization, also one of the key concerns while adopting those moves is the protection of sensitive data (HR data, IP data, financial data, customer data etc…).

Atos cybersecurity Advanced Detection and Response

Advanced Detection & Response

Supervision and orchestration is a key feature needed to have a 360º view of what is happening in the organization on premise and in the cloud, implementation of prescriptive SOC to prevent breaches before they even occur.

Atos cybersecurity Industrial IoT Security

Industrial & IoT Security

With the number of connected objects growing exponentially the IoT security as well as the OT security is more and more a concern and needs to be addressed with a security by design approach.

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