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Leverage data to build an intelligent process to reduce cost, improve quality and release talent


Do you recognize the feeling of doing the same, repetitive work over and over again? Either in your own job or from others in your organization?

Today, too often people have to work like machines, doing routine repetitive work at PC keyboards.

Automation (RPA+) is a solution that can mimic humans doing repetitive, rules based, structured data type of activities to reduce cost and release talent.

Leverage the power of data: automation can expose huge quantifies of process data, which can become a new gold mine for performance improvement, providing an opportunity to use Data Analytics to drive more insight and intelligence.

Truly intelligent automation though depends on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can appear human-like in how it behaves, depending on capabilities such as machine learning, natural language processing, and vision, integrated with robotics.


The human aspect


Artificial Intelligence


Train a Machine Learning model with historical data to be able to predict outcomes and propose decisions.

Robotic Process Automation


Take over high volumes of manual repetitive tasks with a software robot that mimics human screen interaction.

Process Orchestration


Integrate the RPA robot and Machine Learning in an existing environment like SAP without influencing the IT landscape.

Do you have inefficient processes?

Could you benefit from a joined-up approach to automation and robotics – an approach which not only reduced costs but also created differentiation with real-time intelligence?

There has been a huge hype around robotics process automation (RPA) software to solve inefficient processes in organizations. RPA has the power to perform manual tasks in software many times faster than humans, however, it is limited to operate under strict business rules. As soon as the interpretation of input data ( e.g. e-mails, text, pictures, etc.) is needed, it is hard to create a robust and scalable RPA solution.

Intelligent process automation (IPA) combines both machine learning and RPA. By introducing machine learning (ML) to process and interpret input data, the solution is working with probabilities instead of business rules.

It means that when a ML algorithm sees input data A, there is X probability that robot action B is appropriate. Adding this layer of probability in front of a robot makes it more flexible to handle changes and can forward cases to humans, where there is too much uncertainty.



Rather than a single technology, intelligent automation is a combination of automation and cognitive technologies that improves everything from decision-making to process automation to customer experience.

IPA has the potential to change the way of working in many domains of an organization – HR, finance, logistics, purchasing, customer services, etc.

Most importantly, the human remains, but their role changes – working with the automation, informed by new data insight, and advised by AI.

Look what we have done to reduce back office cost and improve process

Finance department

Increased customer satisfaction due to timely, automated processing of invoices.

Check out what we've done for Finance department

Customer Service

Improved operational and efficiency and customer experience

Check out what we've done for Customer Service

Manufacturing Industry

Easily manageable and scalable intelligent automation for future processes.

Check out what we've done for the Manufacturing Industry

Assess your current processes with our decision tree

You can easily make an assessment of your current processes by answering the following questions. We help you to select the right technology to optimize your processes.

Ready to reinvent your business?

Are you ready to enable data to reinvent your business? By using intelligent automation you can release talent, increase quality and reduce costs.

Reduce your back-office

High amount of manual labor impacts cost-efficiency and creates potential risks. The automation of finance processes such as invoices payments will help you to improve your back-office quality and efficiency.

Release your front-office

Front office employees should be able to focus on your clients and growing your business instead of doing administrative work. By taking over the simple tasks you can release your talent to do the meaningful work.

Discover how Intelligent Process Automation is transforming financial services

Intelligent automation is enabling major transformation in financial services. It combines automation with artificial intelligence (AI) and other cognitive technologies to handle tasks formerly managed by humans. Financial services institutions stand to gain real competitive advantage by harnessing intelligent automation: Reduce operational costs. Improve the customer experience. Gain key business insights. Process higher volumes of transactions more efficiently and accurately.

Improve customer experience

Reduce operational costs

Process higher volume of transactions

Gain key business insights

Using Robotics and Machine Learning to Enable Intelligent Invoice Processing Automation

Our solution enables automated scanning and processing of invoices using Bots and leverages machine learning to predict missing labels and validate the accounting structure of invoices. Watch the video to see how we managed to achieve 99% accuracy and improved processing rate, as well at € 1m potential savings annually for one of our Danish public sector clients.

Reducing the workload of contact centers using chatbots

Is your call center being flooded by calls?

Our intelligent chatbots, including voice integration, are able to quickly reduce the workload of your human agents in your customer contact center. These Machine Learning – powered bots can handle both frequently asked questions, and more complex queries from end-to-end. If the chatbot does not know the answer, it can still hand over the task to a human agent to finish the conversation. In this way, we have already saved hundreds of thousands of interactions per year for our clients.

The benefits are not only the time and effort you can save for human agents, but also the fact that you can now serve your customers 24/7. Also, there is no waiting time involved for your customers. We can help you create a modern, more personalized, intuitive customer care experience, with faster insights to customer data.

Why choose Atos for Robotics and Intelligent Automation Services

Atos will guide you every step of the way for success in Robotic Process Automation. We give you a both a new digital workforce and the end-to-end operational model.

As business technologists, we will cover every angle, from achieving staff acceptance to implementing powerful analytics.

Transformation Strategy

  • Automation Strategy & Organization
  • Feasibility & Opportunity study
  • Process Assessment using process recorder
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Business case and RoI
  • CoE Approach

Implement Automation

  • Unit of Work Catalogue for Development
  • Atos RPA Cloud Labs
  • Platform Implementation
  • Integration
  • SDLC lifecycle – develop, test, deploy to production
  • Demand Management

Managed Services

  • On premise Managed Services
  • RPA Platform as a Service – pay per virtual worker
  • Managed service delivered on Atos cloud
  • Monitoring, Maintenance and Optimization
  • Patching and upgrade of RPA products
  • RPA tools license management

Learn more!

Press Release

Atos signs new contract with Region Hovedstaden to boost power of its SAP platform

Atos has signed a multi-million 4-year contract with public authority Region Hovedstaden (the Capital Region of Denmark) to support, maintain and develop its SAP platform, which will serve more than 40,000 employees in the area of healthcare in Copenhagen.

Press Release

Atos and Google Cloud create AI – powered chatbot for T-Mobile NL to increase customer satisfaction

Together with Google Cloud, we deliver a new scalable chatbot, which uses AI, that streamlines customer queries, increases customer satisfaction and reduces costs to T-Mobile Netherlands.


Predictive analytics knocks on CFO’s door

Predictive analytics is already an inherited part of the primary business activities e.g. by predictive maintenance, real-time sales forecasting or supply chain optimization. Learn more about how prescriptive analytics is moving toward supporting business activities more and more.


Robotic Process Automation: Which bots are for your business?

Robots are a unit of automation. On the manufacturing floor and in warehouses, industrial robots have transformed the landscape. Now it is time for software robots to optimize business processes.

Analysts and partners

Atos and Google Cloud create AI – powered chatbot for T-Mobile NL to increase customer satisfaction

Atos and Google Cloud signed a contract with T-Mobile Netherlands to deliver a new scalable chatbot, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), as part of the telecommunications company’s digital transformation plan.

Atos & UiPath Accelerate Digital Transformation at Large European Public Service Organisation

One of the largest European Public Service Organisations decided to embark on an RPA journey to improve employee productivity and deliver greater service to customers.

Recognized as Challenger in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data & Analytics Service Providers

Based on ‘completeness of vision’ and ‘ability to execute’.

Positioned as Leader in Everest Group Peak Matrix for IoT Services 2019

Based on strong in-house assets and a robust partnership ecosystem.

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